The 4th Coming


Realmud Specific General Add-On Quests



Scapula Bearing

Take the following items to the winged NPC named Skappile in the Lighthaven Temple:

- 1 Ring of Light
- 2 Decaying Bat Wings

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Ring of Doom Resistance

Take the following items to the red-robed NPC named Aquilas in Silversky Temple:

- 1 Pink Tree Leaf
- 5 Demon Tree Leaves

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Nimbus Amulet

Take the following items to the red-robed NPC named Nimbus in the Stonecrest Temple:

- 2 blackened iron keys
- 5 Sacrificial Daggers of Bleeding

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Bouquet of Flowers

Take the following items to Narcissa in the gardens behind Windhowl Temple:

- Diamond

Keywords: "flowers", "trade", "stone".

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Keyword "work” "this” "want” "something” and "food,”
To NPC Mark Hamoo in Silversky castle.

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Games Organization

Between level 10 and 25, Go to Kat who is located in the back room of WH temple. Keyword "enter” She asks you to find:
- 3 iron keys
- 1 ring of light
- 1 goblin blade
- 1 goblin leather armor
- 1 feather

Once you have the items return to Kat and she will reward you with 15k gold, 100k xp, and a random Goblin Thief item.


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With a Gemstone of the Forest Spirit (You can buy it from Elysana Blackrose for 20.000 Gold Pieces by saying "Green Gemstone”) in your backpack locate the Forest Guardian NPC south of Theoran's house on Stoneheim. Keywords "work,” "protect,” "demon trees,” and "leaves”. He will ask for 5 Demon Tree Leaves.
Keywords "leaves” (250k XP), "aid,” "portal,” "radiating,” "energies,” "ancient power,” "recharge,” and "instruct”.
Now he will ask for a Blue Gem.
Keyword "Blue gem” and "instructions.”
Now you have to seek out the other four wandering trees.
Each tree requires one gleaming shard and one sapphire bracelet for the ritual.
Plus an additional sapphire bracelet and gleaming shard for the final tree.
After speaking to each tree and completing the ritual click the tree again to charge the "Blue gem” before moving to the next tree.
****NOTE: (if you bring shards and bracelets for all the trees make sure to drop your extras before undergoing the ritual because they will take them all).
Remember to click on each tree AFTER the ritual to charge the Blue Gem BEFORE going to the next tree

- Old hermits isle (Forest Guardian) "portal,” "specific,” "vital energy,” and "go on”.
- On the 'land bridge' south of Arakas druids (Forest Guardian) "seek,” "he,” "answer,” "ritual,” "vital energy,” and "ready”.
- Mirror lake on RD outside the exit of Anrak's cave (Forest Guardian) "place,” "things,” "his,” "help,” "provide” and "prepared”.
- Time protector area in O-realm, in the northeast corner (Time Protector) "help,” "respect,” "aiding,” "price,” "vital energy,” and "proceed”.

Follow the keywords for each tree and say the final keyword to undergo the ritual. Once you have done the ritual with each tree return to the first tree where you will be required to do one last ritual. Keyword "go on”, and after the ritual click on the Forest Guardian to receive a A Radiating Stone.

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Air Battlemage Weapons

Sizzling Sparks
NPC Apprentice of the Wind is at the northernmost house in AR druids. Keyword "name” (Fuldon Palatus), "work,” "skills,” "make,” and "sizzling sparks.”
He will ask for:
- Apple(Catalyst)
- Egg of a Kraanian
- Silver Axe

Return to Fuldon and say "perform.” Something goes wrong in the experiment and Fuldon needs food. Bring him an apple and he will give you a Sizzling Sparks.

Static Strike and Gathering Gust
NPC Skilled of the Wind is in outer room on the southern end of the 2nd floor in SSK's castle. Keyword "name” (Hemlock Palatus), "same,” and he will ask for:
- Potion of Heroism. For loyalty
- Gathering Gust
- Sapphire Bracelet
- pouch of witch hazel
- Fine Steel Battleaxe

Static Strike - Dead fish
- Sizzling Spark
Return with the potion and say "potion of heroism,” then either "static strike” or "gathering gust.”

Charged Agony and Juiced Cleaver
NPC Expert of the Wind is in the first cave on the southern route in Red Skraug's mountains. Keyword "name” (Lioran Palatus) then either "charged agony” or "juiced cleaver.”

Charged Agony - 500,000 gold
- Static Strike
- Prismatic Armband
- Potion of Lesser Air Resistance
Return to Lioran Keyword "need” and he will give you a Charged Agony.

Juiced Cleaver - 500,000 gold
- Gathering Gust
- 6 Blank Magical Tomes
- Finely Cut Sapphire
- Rough Diamond
Return to Lioran Keyword "bring” and he will give you a Juiced Cleaver.

Master Of The Wind at 4th isle desert castle south of teleport location: Keyword "Work”, You must have already completed all Non vip Air Battlemage quests up to this point.
He will ask for
- Juiced Cleaver
- 20 Air Elemental dusts
- 5 Light dusts
- Storm Saber
- Harbingers Tale
- Breaker

Aylea Riverflow in the Elven Hideout and give her: Keyword: "Sky breaker”
- Pulse
- Crystallized Pegasus heart
- Mithril bar
- 10 air elemental dusts
- 3 diamond power focuses
- flask of Dragon tears
- 5 million gold

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Allorden the Mortician

This quest gives multiple rewards, You can only do it once per rebirth. So be careful when doing it if you want to keep some of the previous rewards.

- Read ahead in the quest to make sure you know what you're doing.
- To get evil wings, you must have the Wand of Lost Sorcery. To get the good wings, you must have the White Silk Cap.
- Evil characters can get White Silk Caps, but they cannot use it to get their wings.
- Obviously, you must be a seraph in order to continue the quest and get the new wings.

Go to Brother Manellus in the Stonecrest Temple basement. Say "Allorden the Mortician,” "investigate,” "prove,” and "grant.” He will ask for:
- 4 Shimmering White Robes
- 4 Symbols of Hope
- 4 Grails of Purity
- 4 Gleaming Shards

Return to Brother Manellus and say "brought.” Now go down to the bottom level of the temple to see Allorden the Mortician. Keyword "proof,” "family crest.”

Now travel to the Mayor's Office in the Southeastern part of town to see Ellie Grimshorne. Keyword "family name,” and "citizen.” She asks then for your Family Name. Go to Brother Manellus and say "family name,” and he will tell you that it is Lourgongnel. Back to Ellie "Lourgongnel,” and then "pay” and give her 300,000 gold. Return to Allorden and he will give you the Wand of Lost Sorcery.
****Note: Stop here if you want to keep the wand. Skip Ahead to the quest continues… if you want the White Silk Cap.

Evil Path
**Note: Do not get the White Silk Cap if you want the evil wings!

With the Wand of Lost Sorcery in your backpack, go to Fistandantilus in Mordenthal's Castle. Keyword "where,” "world,” "continue,” and "objects.”
He will ask for the following items:
- Bloodstone Necklace
- Cloak of Armageddon
- Demonic Blood
- Black Lizardskin Boots
- Wand of Lost Sorcery

Return to Fistandantilus Keyword "bring.” You now have the new Enhanced Evil Wings!

----The quest continues…

With the Wand of Lost Sorcery in your Backpack, go to Brother Manellus Keyword "yes” to obtain the White Silk Cap.
---Note: Stop here if you want to keep the cap.


Good Path
With the White Silk Cap in your backpack, Go to Par Salain at Beltigan's Castle. Keyword "harness,” "continue,” and "objects.”

He will ask for the following items:
- Ethereal Amulet
- Crystal Sword of Might
- Orcish Wristband
- Ring of Faith
- White Silk Cap

Return to Par Salain Keyword "bring.” You now have the new Enhanced Good Wings!


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Dyeing Capes and Robes

When Dyeing an item it must be in your backpack and not equipped. All items can only be dyed once and cannot be reverted.

Red Cape:
DyesAlot Jr & Miss Dyesalot:
DyesAlot Jr is located behind the mountains near the Castle of Orkanis on Arakas, and Miss DyesAlot is located near the southern entrance of the Connector's Cave on Raven's Dust.
It costs 20k*lvl to dye a cape and you'll need to bring a Red Cape with you.
Keywords: "Dye”, "Color Name”.
Example: Dye, black Cape.

Special Capes:
Cousin DyesAlot
Cousin DyesAlot is located behind the mountains and to the south of Stoneheim's crypt.
It costs 20k*lvl to dye a cape and you'll need to bring the corresponding cape with you.

Name Colors
Cape of Air resistance Aqua, Blue
Cape of Fire Resistance Purple, Yellow
Cape of Ice Resistance Aqua, Blue
Cape of the Ancient Assassin Black
Holy Cloak of Resistances Aqua, Black, Blue
Midnight Shroud Black
Warder's Cloak Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Silver, Aqua, Purple

Keywords: "Dye (cape name)”, and then ”(color) (cape name)” to the NPC.
Example: Dye Warders Cloak, blue Warders Cloak.

Mr DyesAlot & Mrs DyesAlot
Mr. DyesAlot is located in the Ruined City on Arakas and Mrs. DyesAlot is located south of the entrance to Wizard's Vale near the mountains on Raven's Dust. It costs 20k*lvl to dye a robe and you'll need to bring the corresponding robe with you.
Name Colors
Battle Cloak Aqua, Blue, LightBlue, Red, Yellow, Purple
Cloak of Armageddon Red, Grey
Cloak of Deceit Grey
Cloak of Renewal Lime
Cloak of the Ages Aqua, Blue, LightBlue, Lime, Brown, LightBrown, Yellow
Cloak of the Midnight Mists Grey
Cloak of the Skull Red, Aqua, Lime, Blue, LightBrown, LightBlue, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink
Conjurer's Mantle Aqua, LightBlue, Yellow
Drachenrobe Red, Aqua, Lime, Blue, LightBrown, LightBlue, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Green, Grey, Pink
Mantle of Air Aqua, Blue, LightBlue
Mantle of Darkness Grey
Mantle of Earth Lime, Brown, LightBrown
Mantle of Fire Yellow
Mantle of Indestructible Rocks Lime, Brown, LightBrown
Mantle of the Elements Aqua, Blue, LightBlue, Lime, Brown, LightBrown, Yellow
Mantle of Water Aqua, Blue, LightBlue
Nature's Garb Lime, Brown, LightBrown
Rune Etched Robe of Protection Aqua, Dark Blue, LightBrown, LightBlue, Yellow, Purple, Brown, Grey, Pink
Robe of the Arch Magi Yellow
Shaman's Mantle Lime, Pink
Woodland Robe Lime, Brown, LightBrown

Keywords: "Dye (robe name),” and then ”(color) (robe name)” to the NPC's.
Example: Dye Robe of the Arch Magi, blue Robe of the Arch Magi.


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Folding 4th Island Mantles

You can 'fold' your 4th island elemental mantles into a new design by the works of Magus Mutare, located within the 4th island town.
You visit the NPC and bring with you an original (undyed) island mantle, for example a mantle of water and also 20k gold times your level. You just say the name of the robe and then the NPC will fold it into the new lich design.

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Air Dragon

You will need to seek out the NPC Draconian Priest, he is located west of Stonecrest in the Dark Tarantula's cave and near the skeleton of a dragon.
To enter the lair, Draconian's keywords are "challenge”, and "ready”. You can also gain useful tips from the Draconian Priest by saying "challenge”, "powerful”.
To enter the Air Dragon's lair you need to be at least level 180.

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Mysterious Chest

The mysterious chest can be placed anywhere on Arakas (so all levels can reach it. To open the chest you will need a mysterious key that is obtainable from killing the new island
monster bosses.
The key can be difficult to acquire, you'll need to repeatedly kill the monsters and hope for a drop.  

What Does It Drop?
The mysterious chest can drop a variety of things, depending on what it's set as. It may drop greater resistance potions, spellup orbs, new unseen items, quest items, store items and much more! Though the rarer the items the more difficult they will be to acquire.

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Awakening the Ancients

Brother Grannus is looking for your assistance to fortify his temple against the darkness building in the realm, Keyword "Help" when you speak to him he requests 1 Ancients Standard, 1 Ancients Buckler, 1 Spectral Blade of the Ancients, and 12 Bone's of the Ancients. These items can all be found in Ancient land Graveyard.

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Shadows Of Althea



Shadows Of Althea

The gods are restless. They perceive the growing might of the humans, they wonder at the return of the dragons, and observe the unrest plaguing Althea. The Obsidian Conclave is no more. For years, it had seemed that Ogrimar gave up his desire for domination, Growing suspicions are surfacing amongst the lower gods that Artherk and Ogrimar are preparing, once more, to vie for the domination of Althea.

However, they can not hope to succeed without the consent, or to put it more realistically, the aid of the humans. Both wise gods realize this, and have thus started to weed out the weak humans from the strong, recruiting, setting individual tests for them, and making sure the ones serve them already stay loyal to them, so as to one day wage war!

Evil Path

In order to start this quest you must have done Balork's Evil Quest first.
First you need to seek out Kolorth Matuin. Second level LH Dungeon. You must have Black Market access. Bring a Silver Axe.
Keyword: "join". You become a Follower of Ogrimar and receive 15K XP.

Next is Peregrin. He can be found in a building near Lighthaven Bank. You will need Karlid's food. He is found at Lighthaven Gateway. Kill him and get his food. Take it back to Peregrin. Receive 75K XP.
Now find Kitiara behind LH Cemetery. She needs a Blessed Rusted Dirk. Receive Tainted Dirk and 25K XP.
Next is A Forlorn Looking Being at Arakas Druids. He wants George dead. Kill George Parltsberry in Yrian Earthsong's house. Receive 20K XP and gold.
Off to Arakas Labyrinth and Ulta who wants a Diamond Necklace. Receive 130K XP.
Blarof is next in Kraanian Cave. He wants Kraanian Mother Brood's egg. Receive 65K XP.
There are two known brood mother spawns in the Kraanian cave and there is an unknown third spawn somewhere.
Now we need to head to Raven's Dust. Go South of the Silversky entrance, between the mountains and the waters edge and you will find Molat Firewish. He will ask for a Staff of Thorns +1, a Dead Fish, a Ham Weapon, and five Demon Tree Leaves. You will receive a Tanned Antelope skin.
Next go through Anrak's cave, near the ocean by Raven's Dust's Crypt. and find Romanicus. He will ask for a Red Cape, a Potion of Fury, and a Skeleton Bone. You will receive 150K XP.
Sangta Pluitor can be found at Bane's Castle.
Keywords: "help" and "Jisin".
He will tell you about Jisin Narkatil and the Order of Forniost. Go to Jisin Narkatil now. He can be found in a building near the Silversky Potion Shop. You must be level 30 by this point.
Keywords: "Order of Forniost" and "join".
He will direct you to Ariakus. He is located in the Silversky Jail.
Keyword: "Jisin", "yes", and "join".
He will tell you that you must prove your worth by disposing of A Beggar. Go kill A Beggar at Silversky Inn and return to Ariakus.
Keyword: "killed".
You now have joined the Order of Forniost and receive the Amulet of Forniost and 350K XP.

Name Str End Agi Wis Int Skill Damage Bonus
Tainted Dirk 61 0 0 0 0 100 attack 31-46 40% attack, 5 powerful blow
Ring of the Prodigy 0 0 0 19 141 - - 3 fire/water/dark powers, -50 dodge
Amulet of Forniost 0 0 0 19 122 - - 1 AC, 5 dark power, 5 int

Good Path

In order to start this quest you must have done Trust Quest.
First you need to speak with Aris Springtouch. She can be found at the Lighthaven Cemetery. She will tell you to kill Tomb Raider afterwards.
Keywords: "follower" and "join".
You become a Follower of Artherk and you receive 15K XP.
Now you need to seek out Karlid. He can be found at Lighthaven Gateway. He wants an apple.
Keyword: "food".
You will receive 7.5K XP.
The next person you need to speak with is located in WindHowl. Penelope Hirede can be found in the first house on the right after entering the front gates.
Keywords: "jewelry" and "something".
She sends you to Parft Greencane.
Parft Greencane can be found near the ocean above Cursed Valley, close to the Castle of Orkanis.
Keyword: "mountains".
He wants either a Golden Ring,
Keyword: "ring"
or a Golden Bracelet
Keyword: "bracelet".
One you have one of the two items return and say keyword "help" or "hands".
You receive 50K XP for the ring and 75K XP for the bracelet.
NOTE: You will NOT receive any fame for bringing him the ring.
Now head back to WindHowl and locate Lord Galialin. He can be found in a building near the Armor Shop.
Keywords: "wants", "war", "castle", and "lord".
Now go kill the troll until he drops his club and return to WindHowl. Keyword: "slay".
You will receive 5K Gold and 50K XP.
2nd half to Lord
Galialin, Annabelle refuses to talk to him.
Keyword: "talk"
He needs a Bouquet of Flowers.
Once you have them return to him.
Keyword: "bring flowers".
You will receive The Galialin Crest.
Time to head to the Arakas Druids and find George Parltsberry. He can be found inside Yrian Earthsong's house. He says to kill A Forlorn Looking Being found East of his house. Go back to George.
Keyword: "it".
You will receive 5K Gold and 15K XP..
Mahela Greenwater is our next stop. She can be found on the second floor of SilverSky Castle.
Keywords: "jobs", "enchant", and "help".
She will now ask for a random item.
Statement Item Where to find
a scroll to leave a nasty place Escape Scroll Forest of No Return
a skull Death Jester's Skull Silversky Jail
a ring with a foreign stone Jade Ring of Sorcery Grott or Dark Wanderer
a ring made of nothing Willowisp Ring Quest
a ring made of metal more precious than gold Platinum Ring Quest
a type of crystal Gleaming Shard Silversky Crypt
a root in a bag Pouch of Black Snakeroot Minotaur Dungeon
a treasure from the minotaur Blue Gem Minotaur Dungeon

The Jade Ring of Sorcery gives the most fame.
Once you have the correct item return to her and say keyword "find".
Head to Raven's Dust and find Strongroot near Druids Camp. You must click on Strongroot a few times.
Keywords: "slumber", "harmony", "thief", and "stolen".
Go kill Greyleaf near Raven's Dust RST and return to him with the Belladonna Berries.
Keyword: "bring".
You will receive 50K XP.
Next you need to seek out Jaya Lialind. She can be found in the mountains near the entrance to Orc Cave.
Keywords: "hunt" and "kill".
Now head thru Orc Cave to Orc Camp and find Selat'kur in one of the houses. Kill him and return to Jaya and say keyword "kill".
You will receive 200K XP.
Let's now head over to Raven's Dust desert and find a person named Meakor Perard. He can be found wandering around the North Eastern area of the desert.
Keywords: "disguise", "theme", "proclaim", "play", and "question".
He will ask you a series of riddles.

Riddle Answer
I have long hairy legs, I tend to lay eggs, very valuable are my eyes,
and I'm dangerous due to my size. What am I?
I live deep in the forest, tall and proud as can be,
but my heart has grown black, I'm an evil tree. What am I?
Demon Tree
Because my ancestors were weak, I live in the deep,
my skin is so blue, but why I have no clue. What am I?
Deep One
I'm a giant hatched from a tiny egg, only problem is I don't have a leg,
you can say about me really only one thing, I pack one nasty sting. What am I?
Death Stinger
I am alive without breath, I am born of death,
my bones are but bones, breakable only by stones. What am I?
Skeleton Warlock

After each riddle the corresponding monster will spawn. Kill it and talk with Meakor each time using the keyword "question".
You will receive 3K times your level in gold and 10K times your level in XP.
Now you need to head to The Forest of No Return. Find a Person named Yoinad Adedrigorn on the Western Shore.
Keyword: "help".
He is needing all 6 pieces of Drachen; Drachensword, Drachenstaff, Drachenshield, Drachenplate, Drachenrobe, Drachenhelmet. Once you have all 6 pieces, return to him.
Keyword: "search".
The amount of gold and XP you receive is level dependent. Please see the chart below.

Level Gold Experience
25-50 2K times level 2K times level
50-99 1 Million 2.5 Millon
100+ 1.5 Million 5 Million

Last person we need to locate is A Beggar who can be found in the Silversky Inn.
Keywords: "brother", "killed", "union", "die", "sacrifice", and "yes:.
Go kill Brother Alydan, he can be found in a house near Silversky Temple, and return to A Beggar. You will receive the Signet Ring of Anor.

Name Str End Agi Wis Int Bonus
The Galialin Crest 20 75 0 0 0 4 AC, 10 strength, 30 attack, -4 dodge
Signet Ring of Anor 0 0 0 116 21 1 AC, 5 earth power, 5 wisdom

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