The 4th Coming


Realmud Server Rules

Updated: 7 January 2016
First of all, it is important to remember that all game accounts and their contents (characters, items…) remain sole property of Dialsoft Inc. 

The players only have the right to access the accounts; this right can be removed at any time for any reason or for no reason by a member of the Realmud staff.

By creating an account, or buying the access rights to an account, or acquiring these rights in any other way, and logging on to the Realmud server, you agree to these terms, as well as the rest of the rules herein.

Current Realmud Staff:

Director of T4C Operations
Shinigami HGM
Head Game Master / Server Administrator

Orion HGM
Head Game Master / Developer

Darkness DGM

Senior Game Master / Developer

FairChild GM
Senior Game Master

Psyche GM
Realmud Game Master

Realmud: General Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice.
It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.      1. Any decision a staff member takes is final. If you disagree with a staff member's interpretation of the rules, feel free to contact Shinigami HGM in game, but be sure of your claim. He doesn’t like having his time wasted.

  2.      2. All account information must be filled in and valid. This is to help retrieve stolen accounts.

  3.      3. The 4th Coming is to be played using common sense. We are a community; keep that in mind, as there are others here to play as well as you, and each and every person is to be considered.

  4.      4. Account sharing is allowed, but not supported. Any and all actions performed on a character are deemed character responsible, not by the person behind the screen, and so the character shall be punished, whether it was you behind the screen or not.

  5.      5. As it is not supported, account sharing is at your own risk; if you share an account and lose access to that account (i.e. the other person changes account details) it is your fault, Realmud Staff will not return the account(s).

  6.      6. Bashing staff is not good for your health or your account.

  7.      7. Punishments a staff member gives, such as removing shouts/pages/overheads or jailing, is to be given back only by that staff member. If you do not know which staff member punished you then contact an HGM. If you get teleported to jail you need to stay online until the countdown timer ends.

  8.      8. Bug abuse is, of course, illegal and shall lead to rather severe reprimands, as are Third Party Programs (TPPs).

  9.      9. Do not advertise other servers or games in public chat channels.

  10.    10. Impersonating another player for causing trouble is frowned upon, as are making names with offensive words, especially if you pretend to be that player.

  11.    11. Re-seraphing is possible at 100k*level for 1x and 2x, and 200k*level for 3x and 4x. Minimum level to re-seraph is level 50. You may also purchase a re-seraph via the Realmud store; this method has no minimum level requirement.

  12.    12. At the moment, VIPs are open 24/7, limited to 2 hours inside VIP followed by 1 hour in-game exhaustion. That is subject to change at any time. VIP Keys are obtainable by paying for a subscription and leaving the account logged off for 10 minutes to receive keys automatically.

  13.    13. Realmud Staff (HGM, GM, RMG, DEV) identities are to remain private. If by chance you know the name, or have an idea, you are not permitted to share or divulge that information in game or on any other place.

  14.    14. Name changes are 2k*level gold. There are to be no numbers or dashes in names / tags, except for ones which were made before this rule came into effect.

Realmud: Chat Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice.
It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.    1. Verbal harassment of any type, including but not limited to language of a racial, sexual, explicit, swearing or offensive nature in any language or slang is not tolerated. The punishments shall range from a short reprieve of the player’s shouts to a month or more, based on gravity, history of infringements by the player, and the staff member’s discretion. Masking, as in the use of symbols to replace letters, is also frowned upon. Shouting (all caps) and spamming (constantly typing in a channel so as to block it) are not very well viewed either. Using a different character / account to circumvent the loss of shouts will only make matters worse. Asking people to shout for you only gets them in trouble as well.

  2.    2. Instigation and/or provocation of rule breaking are frowned upon, and the Game Masters can punish this as they see fit.

  3.    3. Private CC's are not moderated but if a creator of a CC asks a HGM people can and will be removed from said CC. (If there is question to the ownership of the CC then final decision will rest with the HGM).

  4.    4. The chat channel Main is used for game related chat. The chat channel Chatter is the one used for mindless speech, who’s-your-favorite-band debates, and things of this sort. Chat channel 4Sale is used for selling/buying/trading of things; this is to enable people that aren’t interested in the debates to turn them off. Please use the English language in all public channels except non English speaking ones, where the appropriate languages are to be spoken.

  5.    5. Logs will be checked to reinforce these rules as needed.

  6.    6. If there is debate as to what is game related, the staff will decide. Please see Rule # 1 of the General Rules.

Realmud: PVP Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice. It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.    1. The back door of Stoneheim temple is a no player-kill zone. The Oracle room (the room where the NPC resides) is also a no player-kill zone. Players caught killing others in these areas will receive harsh treatment.

  2.    2. Healing or spelling from inside of temple so as to interfere with PVP is not permitted. The staff decide what qualifies as "pvp interference", see rules 1 and 2 of the general rules.

  3.    3. Various events and / or raids are no-PK / rob. This is announced at the beginning and during the event, and breaking this rule leads to serious punishment.

  4.    4. Excessive player-killing is not allowed anywhere except in the front of the Stonecrest temple. The staff decide what excessive is, see rules 1 and 2 of the general rules.

  5.    5. There is to be no temple trapping at Silversky temple or Windhowl temple.

  6.    6. Attacking NPCs so as to make them unusable for others is not allowed.

  7.    7. Dragging/moving monster bosses such as Graytusk, Evil Commander(s) of VIP Islands or other bosses in order to XPK players is not permitted. For this you will receive serious punishment.

Realmud: Trading Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice.
It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.    1. We have a secure trade system in game, use it. Trades and self mulings on the ground are not supported.

  2.    2. Scamming to gain items, characters or accounts is not allowed. This can lead up to a permanent server banning. See general rule 4 for account sharing.

  3.    3. Be careful where you trade. If you trade at un-safe areas, don’t feel bad if you lose your item(s) to rob; they will not be returned.

  4.    4. With rule 3 in mind - Robbing someone you have called for a trade is considered a scam and will lead to punishment.

  5.    5. The following items cannot be robbed, taken from a death pile or dropped from the accounts or characters on which they were created. They can be traded with the character via payment (transfer character): Wizard’s Bane, Cloak of the Midnight Mists, Mantle of Infinite Blessings, Cloak of the Ages, Soul of Flare and All with Honor Shield. They are only obtainable through winning a major, or HGM event. These events are announced in advance and quite often appear on holiday periods, i.e. Christmas.

Realmud: Guild Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice.
It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.    1. All head leaders and leaders of guilds must be level 50+. If a character is level 50+ then seraphs it is deemed acceptable for them to keep their HL or L status.

  2.    2. It is up to the guild founder to give guild members privileges, if members misuse these privileges Realmud staff will not intervene.

  3.    3. Once guild chest access is given the founder has authorised its access. Items ‘stolen’ from the guild chest will not be returned as the founder gave such permissions to take items from the chest. It is wise to only grant access to those whom you trust.

  4.    4. Guilds may claim a guild house if they have at least 18 active members, these may account for a couple characters per player account but not the entirety. If guilds think they pass the member requirement they are to contact Shinigami HGM, where he will review guild activity.

  5.    5. If a guild has a house it is up to the head leaders to bring other members inside where they can receive their own teleport scrolls upon clicking the house sign. If a member is removed from the guild it is up to the head leaders to contact Realmud staff to ensure the guild teleport scroll has been removed.

  6.    6. Once you leave a guild (or get removed), it is your responsibility to junk the corresponding guild teleport scroll. If you continue to use this scroll to access the house you will be punished. If you use it to enter and player-kill its members, you will receive serious punishment.

  7.    7. If a guild’s activity or members decrease, their house may be taken and recycled for a newer guild that meets the member requirements. It is the founder’s responsibility to ensure these requirements are met and kept.

  8. 8. With regard to Realmud General Rules Section 4-5, as account sharing and trading is not supported, players should understand that everything belonging to a character (Storage Chests, Guilds, etc...) belongs to that character, not the player behind the screen. If you trade/sell/give away your character and that character happens to be the founder of your guild, then you have just given away control of your guild too. Realmud staff WILL NOT return the guild to you because the guild belongs to the character, not the player. To transfer guild ownership to another character you control, you MUST contact a staff member BEFORE trading the character. 

  9. 9. With the new guild system guild tags will no longer be allowed in a players name.


  1. 1. To have your Guild House customized, the guild founder must purchase a Guild Customization Token from the Guildmaster in Stonecrest town. 

  2. 2. Guild House Customization requests must adhere to the rules stated here. These rules may be modified by Realmud Staff with little or no notice. 

  3. 3. Guild House NPCs shall not be modified. This includes, but is not limited to, the Portal Master, Guild Merchant, Interaction Regent, Auction House, and Practice Target. 

  4. 4. Guild Houses shall not be increased in size. Houses that are only one level may be increased to two levels, but the floorspace of a level will not be increased.

  5. 5. NPC, Monster, and In-Game-Item spawns will not be added to guild houses. Only decorative items will be added to change the look and feel of a Guild House to suit the guild.

  6. 6. Permanent guild items such as the Guildhouse Signs, Guild Chests, and Storage Chests will not be removed or modified.

  7. 7. Requests for Guild House Customization must follow a theme, rather than requesting specific decorations, such as: "We would like our guild house to appear to be a cabin in the woods." or "We want our guild house to look like a dark priest's temple." 

Realmud: Arena Rules

These rules are to be interpreted by the staff of Realmud as they see fit, and are subject to change at very short notice. It is the player’s responsibility to read and be aware of the rules.

  1.    1. You are to only enter the arenas on a single character. If you double or multiple log other characters in order to cheat the system for interaction points then you will be severely punished. Punishment may include; removal of interaction points and items gained, permanent banning from arena system or suspension of your account(s).

  2.    2. If you enter an arena, you are to give it your all and participate fully. If both teams co-ordinate in order to allow a team or a member to gain more interaction points, you will lose the points and/or items exchanged and you could even reap more severe punishments (see above).

  3.    3. If the teams or members attempt to cheat the arena system in any other way, you will be punished.

Realmud: Punishments and Sanctions

The punishments for breaking these rules can vary depending on the staff member, the offense and the player’s history of infringements.

 They range from (but not limited to):
  1.    1. Loss of shouts, pages or overheads.
  2.    2. Jail time.
  3.    3. Experience loss.
  4.    4. PVP rights loss.
  5.    5. Re-seraphing.
  6.    6. Suspension of account(s).
  7.    7. Deletion of account(s) and their content. The deletion or permanent suspension is, by nature, irreversible.

If another punishment is deemed necessary, it shall be performed.

Any questions regarding these rules or punishments can be answered by Shinigami HGM in game or at or by filling out a Support Ticket