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x4 and x5 seraph requirements

  • x4 and x5 seraph requirements

    In order to seraph further,there are some requirements to do that:

    x4 Seraph - Level 95, 4,000,000 Gold Pieces.
    x5 Seraph - Level 105, 5,000,000 Gold Pieces.

    Not meeting the requirements will force The Oracle to refuse to seraph your character.
    Created: 20 February 2014 12:40 by gunblade
  • X4 or X5

    Will it be possible to get straight to X5 by being lvl 105 and having 5.000.000 gold piece (like what they did when we went X3), or will we have to go trough X4 before getting to X5 like we're suppose to?
    Created: 20 February 2014 12:56 by Venis
  • x4

    we will  have to go trough x4 before getting to x5 bro.
    Created: 20 February 2014 13:08 by gunblade
  • ouch

    9 million gold per character.  Better start collecting.  Do you just go to Oracle and seraph out again, or is there another NPC?
    Created: 20 February 2014 20:40 by cixelsyd
  • Idk

    No idea bro
    Created: 21 February 2014 18:16 by gunblade
  • 4x

    So no new quest to do just pay gold is it?
    Created: 23 February 2014 08:36 by Sevren
  • Lazy?

    Am I the only one that finds just paying gold to seraph a little lazy and boring? Why not make it a a quest or create a boss that drops a certain item that you need in order to seraph. You could have 2 different bosses, one for good seraphs and one for evil. Have them be located in 2 different and very remote areas that take a while to reach.
    Just make it interesting please. Also because of the crafting system, people have spent a lot of gold on that. So some supplies might be running low? I'm actually ok on gold, but what about people who have upwards of 3 characters, that gold adds up big time.
    Just my 2 cents
    Created: 23 February 2014 11:23 by karakros
  • gold

    6 characters and all professions (3 maxed)... gold will be an issue. 
    Created: 27 February 2014 22:25 by cixelsyd
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