The 4th Coming


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wow, the 4th coming!

  • wow, the 4th coming!

    It's so good to see this game is still up and running.  I played this game back when I was 14 years old on a server with a wigglesnort (sorry I cant remember anything else but that) and had to talk to a woman on the phone to activate my account.  GOOD TIMES I cant wait to play again!!
    Created: 09 February 2014 04:05 by Goodkitty
  • Don't Forget About Time

    A few J2 people are still around.  It's been a bit since I have logged in, but I still play here and there.  What was your name on J2? I was Vautour, and yes.. that phone call was awkward as hell when I was a kid.
    Created: 19 February 2014 00:14 by Ossifrage
  • Welcome back

    Welcome back, if you need help dont hesitate to page me in game.   will help you for questing/items/maps.
    Created: 19 March 2014 10:28 by Smetty
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