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t4c on steam!

  • t4c on steam!

    Hey I shot Marc an email about how t4c's name and playerbase could potentially benefit from steam, basically suggesting he give it a try. 
    His reply was open to possibility as he did say he was "interested" and hasn't had the time, nor the spicific experience for launching a steam title.
    It sounds like its in our hands now. if anyone is interested in helping to find out and eventually do what it takes to get this title on steam, we have to help Marc figure it out. 
    if anyone is willing to do some of the dirty work and figure out the steps we need to focus on to launch t4c on steam, we may be able to get the players on a server count back to 200+ ! <3
    if you have ANYthing to contribute as far as getting t4c "possibly" prepared to launch on steam please let me know what I, and who ever else wants to help, should do to help Marc as the busy owner of t4c, prepare for a launch of T4C on steam.
    thanks you can contact Marc at his same email hes had if you look for it, but the point of me doing this is so i can maybe report back to him with a solid outline of what needs to get done, as hes explained his interest and lack of time :(
    my email is
    Created: 23 November 2017 23:36 by akbioguy
  • Here's some info i found on it
    Created: 02 December 2017 22:16 by Manadrain
  • Steamworks SDK

    Seems like Steamworks SDK is only required to upload the game to Steam.

    Would certainly be nice to have a larger player base!!!!! 
    Created: 19 December 2017 17:34 by oriongu
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