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selling Titan BM

  • selling Titan BM

    Titan BM X4 215 these include the following items: <br>Full Titan set armor + shield <br>Battle Cloak <br>Hell Sentence <br>Encanced Good Wing <br>Hero amulet <br>Gladiator ring <br>Berseker ring <br>Battle bracer <br>Warders cloak <br>Darkwood shield <br>Gold on chest: 20M <br>2 x XP Orb 45min each <br>Rabbit ears<br>and other items on chest <br>
    Send your offer in <br>TY

    Created: 01 February 2015 16:21 by mulaitem
  • i sell for 120$

    email me. bye
    Created: 16 February 2015 09:21 by mulaitem
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