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sell character

  • sell character

     Earth Battlemage, 211, Good 4x, Base stats: 210 str, 185 end, 140 agi, 175 int, 540 wis. 872 base attack, 1085 base dodge, Full PB, AP, 1 SB, 100 trainable skill pts. 3327 base HP, 2344 base MP. x2, 3 x3 XP orbs. All island RST, All crimson scale end jewelry, GOI, Unstable belt, 4th isle access, planeswalking, Ethereal realm access, Mithril chest access. Rabbit ears, Lich mantle of Earth, Emerald power focus, Morfetus, Golden emerald encrusted tiara Glowing orb, Full Danu's jewelry, GOI, Dwarven leggings, boots, gloves.
    Created: 14 May 2017 14:18 by naturalcures
  • how much

    email me at
    Created: 08 July 2019 17:40 by masterb
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