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sap breaking rules

  • sap breaking rules

    why is it sap can kill me the entire time i'm on non stop and i have messaged all hgm's and gm's only one that is trying to look in to it is virtus.  however orion was looking into it but i haven't heard back from him in long time.
    pk is a part of the game. i know this. so dont say its part of the game.
    when you pay for a game and play it you expect to be able to actually play it.. if a player or players are teaming up making it unplayable by breaking a rule. then they need to be punished .
    sap picks a player they see coming up in game. they kill them non stop until they quit. i don't quit i just keep going. staff needs to step in and enforce the rules. i've already seen them bully 2 people so much they quit. i don't want realmud to not be around anymore because of 1 guild. that is what it is leading to slowly they are killing the server off.  once all that is left is sap. they will all quit too because no one to kill.
     4. Excessive player-killing is not allowed anywhere except in the front of the Stonecrest temple. The staff decides what excessive is, see rules 1 and 2 of the general rules.

       5. There is to be no temple-trapping at Silversky Temple or Windhowl Temple.
    i have been camped out at novert, eye, plat dragon, priests, vip, i was told i had options to go elsewhere in game by orion. what does that leave? if they just keep coming to every single spot i can go and kill me until i log off or just sit in temple.
    Created: 02 May 2019 00:17 by diasflac
  • Crying...

    I keep imagining you with a beard on your face crying because they kill you hahahaha
    To be stupid, t4c is pvm and pvp. There were never limits to killing. You paid to play knowing this, if you did not know your bad luck, now you know. You are crying because you die and you do not lose equipment. Bunch of weeps !!!!
    Created: 03 May 2019 08:46 by minha13
  • Sap

    No one crys vs sap. Few have quit because the rules are being allowed to be broken without punishment. I pay to play on realmud because it has the PvP rules. I like PvP but it is only good if people can play the game.  Just from the title I can tell you're sap. 
    If they arnt going to make people listen to the rules then they need to remove them. 
    Created: 04 May 2019 13:21 by diasflac
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