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need help downloading game to imac computer

  • need help downloading game to imac computer

    so when i go to the link to download wont open how do i get it to open on desktop plz help trying to download on imac
    Created: 15 February 2016 20:14 by zachthemad
  • Linux/Mac How-To

    This should work with Mac. has a download section for Mac and various versions of Linux.

    I was able to get it running on Ubuntu 16.04 by following the directions at

    Once I installed Wine I had to also install wine-gecko and wine-mono.

     I then installed the game using Wine (normally you will have to 'right-click and run with Wine'). 

    It began updating and once it was done it crashed.  I reopened the game and it updated to a newer version and then crashed. 

    Then I opened the T4C folder which is located in the (usually hidden) .wine folder.  For linux it would be '/home/username/.wine/Program_Files(x86)/The_Fourth_Coming' and ran the program T4C_config using Wine.  (You can set your computer to automatically open .exe files using Wine and you probably should).

    In the configuration program I have 'Windowed' enabled, 'Disable connect music' enabled, and the resolution set to 800x600 (the default of which was 1024x768, which may have worked too).

    I ran the game one more time and it worked seemlessly.

    Good luck and happy hunting
    Created: 03 July 2017 18:55 by srnicol
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