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my 2 cents

  • my 2 cents

    My 2 Cents
    I want to start off by saying thanks to the staff at realmud, namely Psych and Skraug who are great all-around staffers, and a big-ups to Mouse for keeping this boat afloat.
    I must admit I feel my criticism is probably going to be viewed as mostly negative though however I do not mean to offend it is just an opinion.With that said he it is.
    The new mobs are cool and very challenging for 177 , I have about 300 AC at best and 275ish all resist. I also have drain which is the only reason I am able to stay alive lol love it.This is verse any of the new mobs wether it be the worgs , oni's or skraugs they all reck me pretty good. The xp I would say is the biggest issue its not worth the risk, Iam sure this is not ment to be so low. The goblins with a chance to dispel your buffs is awesome and keeps you on your toes but the xp to me on any of these mobs would have to be amazing for me to ever want to xp on them considering the hours of xp one would lose if you was to die. I cant imagine losing trillions/hours/days for higher levels.The spooky trees are great , slowly closing in on you is so creepy lol i Love it !I dont have much more to say on the new mobs other than just nice to see something new and exciting.
    I do want to say that I feel going in the direction of just more circle-walking mobs even if more challenging is a dead road imo. Their is just not enough player base for this. On averageI see 10 people on ranging from 1-200+ and 1/2 of them are afk in temple or chest camping. Creating more circle-walk mobs seems insane to me by definition.
    Trilogy Dev had created a type of Mob they called a smart mob, to me this was the future of the game and hats off to the person who had taught me about this mob, I feel terrible not remembering his name ...With the smart mob feature you could turn caves into true dungeons for both group or solo adventures, I dont know why this is not being implemented it was a truely brilliant thing.Also mobs didnt need to even use the xp on hit or xp on kill , you could set the smart mobs to give xp via spell on death and with a little math based on players level. Allowing players of any range to fight the same mob,awesome! You could set barrels to despawn IF players had X strength meaning you needed that warrior with you to get to another area ! Traps could despawn only if you had a mage smart enough to disarm, maybe only to get to a room that have a door needing a rogue to pick and same with chests ! Bringing back dead skills in the game , need search to spot that switch on the wall etc. all possible with the smart mob system.All done using basic IF, ELSE IF system that is already implemented into editor.This was 5 or 6 years ago I dont know how it is not been implemented into at least one cave or area in game.T4c does not need another island it needs ways to both bring groups of any level together but at same time have those solo style quests for when you dont have a group.
    With version 1.73? devs got a lot more options for what they could do with NPC's and could really change the game for the better. I could get into more detail but if your a DEV I am sure you know what I am talking about already.
    As I have said before one thing that the game needs more of to ME IMO .... is PVP and things to do Solo, one thing that made SH so great as an old player was not only the end game of fighting glu-glu or P'Tangh was things like skalps aka collectors quest and horse friendship quest.they kept you busy and typically you had to pvp for an area on a busy day giving that extra edge.I do also feel the staff should listen more to the newer and younger players . Players such as myself are a dying breed and for T4C to survive and grow it is probably not my opinion that will do this, I know this contradict most of what I have wrote but I am a very honest person.well thats my 2 cents I truly love seeing anything being tried to keep this game going and I thank the staff for everything they do.Good luck !
    Created: 08 September 2018 10:08 by ieetnoobs
  • meh

    I know you can't please everyone,  I wasn't really thrilled what was in there.  I brought a 182 earth mage which was tough to survive (i get, make it challenging).. 300 end at the earthwraith necromancer shamans which casted armor melt (get rid of it).  I went back with a drain mage and could stay alive..   was expecting good xp..didnt get anything.  The Ancient Land wolves looked pretty good if not pixelated.   Mobs should have been more like VIPS(spawn more)   The AL Wompers that didnt move was a good idea for archers.. the Weepers didn't make sense, I mean no animation on that skin made it look silly or the monster was still a wip.

    I would get ride of the wolves, personally i don't want to hear dogs crying all the time.. I know SC has a spot for them and they should stay there.

    The monsters chosen could have been created a little better too, I know there's only so many skins to choose from. But we hunt Green and Reds Skraugs all the time.. now we have to xp with them?
    Ive never seen a skin of an archer like Olin Haad Gaurds.  Make some human villian, change up the skins a bit. (Full plate warrior vilians/monsters)

    Just my two cents is all and thank you for putting something out there. 
    Created: 09 September 2018 00:53 by Smetty
  • ...

    Tyou make sure Dev Leader go read that tyou to your, Opinion is very important important .
    Skraug CM-fr
    Replied: 09 September 2018 16:20 by The Skraug
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    Tyou make sure Dev Leader go read that tyou to your, Opinion is very important.

    Skraug CM-fr

    Created: 09 September 2018 16:23 by The Skraug
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