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marketing idea

  • marketing idea

    First of all, make orbs tradables so so we can use it as a currency.  (a currency = a demand = $$$)
    Second, put a tax in the auction house (that's really important)
    Third, give a second life to ingame gold, orbs could be purchased with gold at a fixed price directly from a Npc (With a tax fee !!!! so it makes it better to purchase it directly in the auction house)
    fourth, find a solution with the auction house so it becomes a must use, this way you force us to farm what we lose with the taxes.
    fifth, add other orbs (gold boost, drop boost)

    and so on........

    you couldn't just add exp boosts at a ridiculous rate without a real plan... that was dumb, sorry for saying but yea it's what it is :s
    now you get an idea of what could motivate peoples into playing more without the feels of losing their time.

    too complex? well then just lower the orbs rate then....

    I gave you one hour of my time to come up with all that so I'm sure that you could come with something well worked if you give it some of your time 

    Created: 29 September 2013 21:58 by orkano
  • ...

    I agree, the game at this moment is pretty pay to win. 
    10 minutes ago i was interested in buying some XP orbs, but when i got into the website and realized that each 1 hour XP orb cost was almost U$ 1,70 dollars i thought to myself: "NOTHING TO DO HERE"
    Replied: 03 October 2013 21:32 by palitoz
  • Ha

    xp orb on Saga is $1.60 for 15minutes. and $2.40 for 30. Though our base xp compared to what Abom can get is absurd. 
    Created: 07 October 2013 06:35 by ReaperEoC
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