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logging in

  • logging in

    don't know why but I cant login
    Created: 21 August 2013 20:10 by darklover3

    Try to connect to another server. There was a update completed. 
    Saga GM
    Created: 21 August 2013 20:15 by saga04
  • Update

    ~Update 7:36PM Eastern Time

    As stated in the article description, if you are experiencing connection difficulties: please verify there are no connectivity issues on your end, the server is up currently - if you are trying to connect to other servers, but cannot - please update your web patch by connecting to Abomination for the latest definitions. Once it notifies and patches, you may select the server of your choice. 
    Saga GM
    Created: 21 August 2013 20:16 by saga04
  • Help logging in

    I've been trying to log in for the past 3 days and keep getting the "T4C cannot connect to the server" message. I've tried all servers, redownloading the client, and there are other players visible online on this site. What is the problem?
    Created: 22 August 2013 04:48 by Gemini
  • .

    Try to connect to Abomination. If it does not work.. 
    Please click the following link to patch your client, if you are unable to connect: - Norton incorrectly points a false positive for this, for some reason - please be sure to check the file for yourself otherwise.

    Saga GM
    Created: 23 August 2013 09:01 by saga04
  • help

    man been trying to login for a few weeks now and no luck . did all the thing that were said on the forum and can't login to play want to look at my account on saga and can't get in. please help
    Created: 24 August 2013 10:28 by billiam69
  • no luck

    I've tried installing the web patch listed an all my servers and still I can't get on




    Created: 24 August 2013 17:56 by seitz2c
  • Logged in

    I Emailed Mouse . He had a web patch that got me loggedon.

    Created: 25 August 2013 22:56 by seitz2c
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