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gm get more power hgm

  • gm get more power hgm

    hey, who in 10 year of rm 4hgm give authorisation, and after 10 year gm remove power and ask is no politic of rm.....
    onyx,alastor,shinigami give me a name and gm remove and ask is no politic hgm dont have for give you that is crazy honestly. i need understand who gm remove power of hgm what is boss servre ? hgm or gm ?
    Created: 20 January 2018 07:25 by fayfay1
  • just info for your responce later help

    hgm "shini" give me a name, dgm come remoove this, hgm recome back and ask me is error of dgm and regive back my name 8-9 mounth after my name re go removed and gm ask is no politic of rm. i need re re ask hgm for solve this? what is the boss? gm or hgm ? is hell i real no understand  and in wrath

    Created: 20 January 2018 07:41 by fayfay1
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