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dark mages

  • dark mages

    hello ppl i want to see dark mages fixed we have no pvm single target attack plus devil anger i was told is not a drain spell  just a att spell so in that case why dont it not att undead mobs on sh and rd ext only in vips .....
    and i think if there is a spell for a dark mage it sould be a drian spell thats what dark mages where made to do . thank you just my thought of this 
    Created: 06 April 2014 14:23 by fubar
  • R.E Dark Mages

    Fubar makes a great point about devils anger, first of all it doesn't give hp to the caster ,making 180  endurance drainers near useless in the vip areas unless with a group to leech aura heals off of.
       Before when mass drain was the main area pvm spell(for darks) it gave hp to the caster allowing 180 end to survive,assuming you could balance respell/belt /cast mass for hp,makes no sense  to have  a drain spell that doesn't actually drain and give hp to the caster.
      And also would be cool see dark's have a useful spell for Boss battles.
    Created: 06 April 2014 16:56 by Vicarious
  • Dark Mages

    Hey both, dark mages are currently being looked into. The point of Devil Anger was to release something different, a damage only spell as opposed to the standard drain HP dark spell. But as I've said, darks are being looked into - feel free to email me ideas at
    Created: 06 April 2014 19:48 by Alastor
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