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    I had to migrate the website to a new server.   Propagation will take 24-28 hours and the web site might not be fully operational.

    Sorry for the delay.
    Happy gaming,
    Created: 26 May 2017 22:34 by Smetty
  • alternate url

    try this url if you're still having problems.
    Created: 26 May 2017 22:41 by Smetty
  • Bidi

    thx for your job Smetty is help full and appretiate
    Created: 02 June 2017 07:33 by Saroumane CoA
  • 502 Bad Gateway

    If you are experiencing downtime, read this. There is/are currently 1/9 network nodes down.

    The developers are working on replacing the old hard drives with new SSDs to permanently fix the 403 Forbidden issue, and during the maintenance, your site may go down periodically. Your website might show a 502 Bad Gateway, a 500 Internal Server Error, or a Testing 123... page as well. Please be patient, and refrain from creating new topics. Posting about these issues may result in a warning and later a suspension.

    Please rest assured that none of your website content will be affected.

    Created: 06 June 2017 18:51 by Smetty
  • Back Up.
    Created: 06 June 2017 19:03 by Smetty
  • brosmetty, i see you still playing my dude

    whats up old friend?? 
    Created: 24 June 2017 22:48 by keaarori
  • Yo Yo!

    Yes still much very active in the game.  Just my downtime game!
    Thanks for the response nice to see you!

    Follow me on Youtube/user/Brosmetty

    Created: 28 August 2017 23:36 by Smetty
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