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absent almost a year

  • absent almost a year

    Have not played in almost a year, has anything changed? XP still low? New island still really overpowered? Any new content?
    Basically just getting bored of WoW and wondering if I should come back to T4C. Feeling a little nostalgic. Or would I be best to stay away?
    Created: 01 January 2014 14:04 by bless
  • Hey

    Hello,is that Bless from DT? You definetely should comeback. Ton of stuff has been changed,brand new Saga Staff that really cares about players,population is growing,having alot of different events often. Contact me in game for detailed info.

    Created: 01 January 2014 19:53 by gunblade
  • Hey!!!

    Hey, We would love to have you back... We have many new edits, several of the older edits has been looked at and is in the process of being fixed. Shortly we will have x4 seraph available and a new island for those who are x4. Look forward to seeing you! Savage GM
    Created: 05 January 2014 10:13 by saga04
  • hey

    hey everyone is karmacita aka karmantic its been a while for me to but it wont let me redownload it like I installed it but it saying error for saga and my account got deleted I guess cuz I cant log on to it. I miss everyone can someone Skype me hmu on fb or something for some help
    Created: 12 April 2014 03:00 by karmacita
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