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X2 out on Saturday and at a cost od 70USD

  • X2 out on Saturday and at a cost od 70USD

    Think it sux that u announce it on a diffrent forum than on the server itself....
    Might get here soon but this should be the first Forum!

    AND 70 USD? WTF it isnt GTA VII

    To be honest, i think u will kill t4c with this nonsense.
    Created: 04 November 2013 17:24 by Draken Ivy
  • ...

    Just noticed that a x3 char on realmud costs 34 usd, why do u guys have to be x2 as expensive to provide the same service?
    Realmud is a dead server I know but its still included in this "" so be fair now and give it a fair price.Coz 70 USD is not..
    Replied: 05 November 2013 04:13 by Draken Ivy
  • Disturbia F4K

    Hello, why this server is most expensive of all of them..  Its almost x2 prices,  Nerya - x3 remorts char - 3500 Credits,4Th saga - x3 remorts char - 3500 CreditsHavoc -  x3 remorts char - 3500 CreditsRealmud - x3 remorts char - 3400 CreditsAbomination x2 remorts char - 7000 Credits  I think its players and servers discrimination at least it should be make equals rights for servers, especially because its new one and rewarped x3. With equal prices you will increase your sales and server population.  Why i am asking because we are all guild who would be ready to buy x5 - x6 chars and back to the game but now when seen all the prices and diferences between the prices and servers its realy confusing. Waiting 4 server staff answerBest Regards Disturbia F4K  
    Created: 20 November 2013 04:50 by moki
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