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Would like to run a player for players pvp event

  • Would like to run a player for players pvp event

    This Event would consist of using the duel function also all fights have to be done in the garden without leaving that respective area(as well as using the fair fight duel NPC available too us) I want to hold this event in the ranges of 100-150 human or 4x your choice the winner will get a full set of deftness(I will hand this over to a staff member with their permission so everyone knows its fair), I'd like to see some more competition on RM for PVP and I'm willing to provide the prizes and not participate If I can get 10-20 an even number tho of competitors for this event we can make the prizes better and higher lvl ranges ect. If you interested please hit me up in game on Big Pun or here via private message or at my e-mail once I get a list of competitors I will then announce the time frames and make sure they work for all signed up. I hope I can find some people with the interest of running from Player for Player PVP events.
    Created: 18 March 2015 14:53 by tylerberry
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