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Windows 7 problem

  • Windows 7 problem

    I´m not a lucky guy, so I use an pc with windows 7, but i just cant login.. the download works fine, but when i try to login it always crashes.. any reason?  i´ve been out of the game for a looong time, but it could be nostalgic to login and check how it is nowadays.

    Created: 02 July 2014 20:33 by marcelosoria
  • webpatch

    Did you have a good size patch when you first ran t4c after install?
    if not try setting t4cupdate.exe to run as administrator
    If it did please open up the t4c config located in the t4c directory. See if that runs, If not let me know and we can go further. Easiest way would be and fill out a problem report .
    Created: 07 July 2014 17:35 by mouse
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