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Willow Autumnleaf NPC

  • Willow Autumnleaf NPC

    Background information:She lives in a house at Raven's Dust Druid's Camp with a little red man called Darius Moonglow. There is only one bed in the house so I assume they are "together" ;) . She seem pleasant but well she definitely runs the household judging by the huge spear she carries. The Spear: The Spear she carries is the only one I have seen in the game and looks most impressive, looks like it would skewer a Skraug without too much trouble. My request to the powers that be:Some say Artherk is the god of the server, some say Ogrimar, perhaps Theodore the King of Goldmoon, others seem to worship Fairchild GM, who knows really who runs things. Well who ever does, Dear sirs, I petition a request to be able to quest for Willow Autumnleaf's Spear. Such a magnificent item, needs more exposure than merely being a weapon to keep Darius Moonglow in check at RD Druid's Camp.SignedGenghis Kahn
    Created: 22 December 2016 09:28 by Smuggler4eva
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