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Will (most probably) cheaters be punished?

  • Will (most probably) cheaters be punished?


    There are a lot of server crashes and time warp, which remind me the good old time in Chaos when poeple were using it to duplicate items or get advantage of the respawn of chests, mobs, nullify a death, etc. I think it's most probably the case here and I wonder if the satff can do something about it or nothing can be made (and so the server will die soon)?
    Created: 12 October 2013 08:54 by mimulegrand
  • Will (most probably) cheaters be punished?

    We look at each and every crash/warp. If we find people are duping items or abuseing the chests. We will take care of the situation on the spot. At this point we have not pinpointed the cause of the warps but we will be trying a few things in the next few days to try and narrow it down. At this time we do not feel they are caused by players. If this changes we will make sure to inform everyone of the situation. 
    Created: 12 October 2013 14:49 by mouse
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