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Why warriors are unbalanced

  • Why warriors are unbalanced

    Warriors are unbalanced on the server, let me show why.It's no new original weapons lost damage 1.25 vs 1.72. Compare war's top weapon damage in 1.25 vs 1.72 vs add-on
    Ancient Two-Handed Sword +3 (42 hits / minute) -> 431-638 (1.25) vs 317-524 (1.72)Ancient Broad Axe +3 (31 hits / minute) -> 537-813 (1.25) vs 423-699 (1.72)Ancient Bastard Sword +2 (50 hits / minute) -> 318-454 (1.25) vs I dont 'know (1.72)TS + 3 damage (56 hits / minute) -> 394-615
    Compare with top archers weapon damage in 1.25 vs 1.72 vs add-on
    Black Locust Composite Bow +3 (63 hits / minute) -> 331-466 (1.25) vs 262-397 (1.72)IPE Damage (63 hits / minute) -> 300-463
    Damage is quite the same lower to TS + 3 and IPE when you Compare to 1.25 top damage vs. add-on damage.
    BUT! TS + 3 is ONE Hand and MUCH faster than 1.25 balance. Warrior in the past need to choice:- One-hand fast lower damage + shield (usually +20ac, +25pb, +10ap)- Two hand slower higher damage
    They now have BOTH of better worlds and a plus 6 hits/minute lolThis seems quite unbalanced to me
    Created: 15 February 2016 07:01 by tarh
  • unformatted

    It's completely messy unformatted, but i think you can understand
    Created: 15 February 2016 07:04 by tarh
  • Why warriors are unbalanced

    As it states on the charts for 1.25 weapons.  t4c bible weapons
    Weapon damage calculation process has been very difficult and was done completely by us. The test character had the exact requirements for the weapon (and nothing more) and 100 base Attack or archery.
    To calculate the damage from the bows, you have to add and the arrow damage. Note that some bows do multiple arrow damage, so check their bonus chart for more details.
    Note, that for every +5 strength you get +1 to min and max damage for the melee weapons. For the ranged weapons, you get +1 damage for every +10 strength and +1 damage for every +10 agility. In the following table you can check all weapon speeds.

    The numbers you see in game with right clicking the weapon are base weapon damages with out any bonus due to strength.

    Created: 15 February 2016 08:29 by mouse
  • 1.25

    All numbers i took from t4cbiblefor 1.25, and in game for 1.72 and add-on

    I know its base damage when you right click in game. What i said is more than damage! Warriors won a one hand faster weapon, and because it they won more ac, more skills buffs, and a huge effect of SB

    Archers supose to be more fasters than warriors right ? They was 21 hits/minute more faster than warriors, now they are only 7 hits. Its a HUGE difference
    Created: 15 February 2016 08:41 by tarh
  • I do not understand

    I still have not figured out where you're going ... what is your request? old weapons fix whit new update?

    If this is required I dont think it's a very difficult change to get, but I do not see big improvements.. on all servers, the builds are planned in relation to the last weapon and not of the intermediate except for a few cases.
    Created: 15 February 2016 10:09 by Eventi

    I'm talking about the balance of classes in the game, specifically how the warriors won disproportionately advantage over other classes.
    I just created the post to see the opinion of other players. I guess the warriors are at a great advantage compared to the past and that unbalances the game, that balance was always perfect between classes in pvp.
    Not all builds are created based on the last weapon, at least they were not. There were weapons that were beating fast, there were one-handed weapons you could use shields, and slow weapons that hit the greatest damage in the game. Now you have all these characteristics in the same weapon. Is the only advantage of the archers is to attack from afar? Because even in attack speed Warriors are almost equal.

    Unfortunately I do not know enough about the pvp mages to speak as they are useless in this version 1.72. Only dark mages (with many moons) are seen in pvps
    Created: 15 February 2016 11:06 by tarh


    We appreciate your opinions, however if all you do is post insults your post will be deleted.
    ~Shinigami HGM
    Created: 15 February 2016 11:57 by simoneelias

    The archers are the best class of the game here saw the possibility of fever, so do not understand what you're asking...  yourself have mentioned before + 7 hits per minute for archers respect a war.
    Well 7 hit/min =  (350-463) x 7 = 3241 dmg bse without pb ecc. so i think real dmg is like 3600-4000 and 4000 hp =  26,7 greater pots...(heal 150 hp)
    pvp with the archer is difficult, because you have to run and hit. if you think you get the same damage of war standing still, you're wrong. For everybody mage is the same, but there are pots res and this is a problem for their.

    Created: 15 February 2016 13:05 by Eventi

    Did you think 7 hits/minute is enought fast for 75 agi vs 735 AGILITY ? lol look name of status! Its was 21hits and now only 7. Dont forget DW buffs because one hand weapon
    I dont want archers have same damage than warriors, sure they are stronger. Maybe they need to be what they made to be, faster  (dont need to be furious =P)
    Created: 15 February 2016 13:17 by tarh

    In the old version did not even exist fever dmg. I really do not know where you're going, for me it is easier to think about the current situation than to take as an example the old version. I believe that all changes have been made considering these values. :)

    I find it much more problematic the situation of the mages than pvp  archer vs war ,but everyone has different ideas and I respect  :-)
    Created: 15 February 2016 14:43 by Eventi
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