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Which Server?

  • Which Server?

    Would like some input from current players on which server to play.  I played a long time ago (10 years), and liked the organic leveling of the game.  I tried realmud, and its all about the VIP... the fast leveling system wasnt what I was looking for.  Which server is most like the old game, leveling on gobs, tarants, etc?  Which server has no VIP, ie no "paid advantages?
    Created: 03 March 2014 22:36 by tygm
  • Choose Realmud

    You have to choose a server that will be around.  Realmud has been around since I started back in 2004.  It's a good server with players that will help you.  There are terrific VIP areas to lvl up your toon.   If you dont want VIP, there are other areas to xp. 
    Created: 19 March 2014 10:35 by Smetty
  • ...

    Of course i would advertise Realmud over all... But still... Abo3 seems like a good server if you like old school lvlin' and pvp. RM is all about VIP for sure, but players helps each other... Havoc seems a good server aswell since it has alot of add-ons (crafting and such) that RM lacks... If you manage to be french, Nightmare's server is pretty much the best choice really (if only i could first, log on t4c, and second, x-fer my toons from RM to NMS i would do it lmao). It has the best DEV team around, the best GMs, add-ons... just name it lol. Anyway good luck on choosing wich server suits you best.  Cheers, Gnomey
    Created: 21 March 2014 04:31 by Earth Gnome
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