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Where should level 4x100+ now?

  • Where should level 4x100+ now?

    I  prolly quit becose i cant see any choices level my archer who is like 4x 110 or my light/earth who is 130+ or so (if pman is allready busy or i cant get group for there). New setup on 4th island is poor, and i mean shit when i say poor. Theres not any leveling spots anymore, if you need pouches for guests, it takes ages unless you wanna team with possible unknown lootstealer/ganker. It was hard before patch, now its impossible. Looks like VIP is only place now where u can level at all if you are archer/warrior/air/water or dark, maybe even earth. I was planning pay vip later on spring, but hell no after that move and boring vip's i cant see any reason why i should continue playing at all.
    cu all on other games or later if there coming changes.
    Created: 22 August 2014 08:49 by ThelordofKo
  • u

     ya they say free to play but if u want to get anywhere anymore u got to pay i liked it more before where u could get somewhere in a good time with out paying your accs but there was some good benefits by paying your accs  
    Created: 23 August 2014 16:22 by fubar
  • CHIN UP!

    Hey guy, if youre 180 end Archer it has always been cumbersome to xp.  You need to be grped with mages.  Archers are spawners.
    Created: 25 August 2014 15:50 by Smetty
  • Need something else than just chin up...

    Well 180 end archer may be spawner but 180 end mage shouldnt be... And it isnt. Cant even spawn when walking to priest is fast trip to temple. And lvl 138 180end mage with best possible earth gears kills hob goblin with 8 or 9 boulders... and red eyed wargs takes 40+ boulders. Rest are somewhere between that range. How you would lvl at 4th in that case?
    Created: 26 August 2014 07:15 by MuleMat
  • Nevermind

    Was going to reply what I really think but that would just piss you off and make you quit.
    Created: 26 August 2014 09:13 by Zetes
  • Time have changed...

    Before we had VIP's we all leveled at Preists!  There as a healer,and mages that would kill.  Melee toons would spawn.  That was then... this is now.  Everyone xps in VIPs and there is just not enough players to go around to lvl on 4th isle like the old days.  The constant changing of spells/resist/damages here is crazy.  Looking back, if staff would leave well enough alone we wouldnt have the convo!   Preists should give 3m a kill... but they don't so best way to xp now is in VIP.  Its a marketing scheme for Realmud to keep the server running... only way to "play for free" not to pay for VIP but you need VIP to gain lvls....
    My answer is I would not xp on 4th isle and only xp in VIPs... only way now.  Besides you cant make lvl 246 on 4th isle....
    Created: 26 August 2014 11:43 by Smetty
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