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When will we be able to buy seraphs?

  • When will we be able to buy seraphs?

    Just curious if there is a date for when the x1 x2 shop will be released?
    Last thing i read was that the date wasent set yet but that was a few weeks ago.

    Anyone got some inside information? :)
    Created: 09 October 2013 08:19 by Draken Ivy
  • Date

    The date still is not set yet. You will see an announcement after the date is set.
    Created: 11 October 2013 13:39 by Abomination
  • When will we be able to buy seraphs?

    1x seraphs are in the shop currently. 
    Created: 11 October 2013 18:44 by mouse
  • When will x2 be in shop?

    Are there going to be x2 available in shop as well? If so when?
    Created: 16 October 2013 16:54 by FrankTheTank
  • ...

    Im also very curious about when they release x2, would be nice to know a few days/a week before so ur able to plan and fix payment etc. was hoping for this weekend but quess its to early, just cant wait for it ^^
    Replied: 18 October 2013 04:17 by Draken Ivy
  • Date set yet?

    Have a date been set yet? its been 2 weeks since x1 was released and there is already, at this moment, 47 x2 seraphs and 25 of them is 100+. Think its really about time. If u still wait for the x2 launch, just reply here so we know more about why its not released and when u plan to release it.

    Created: 24 October 2013 04:34 by Draken Ivy
  • When 2x come to shop?!

    so?! 2x at webshop gonna happen?
    Created: 30 October 2013 12:00 by Fanatic
  • GMs even log this forum?

    Feels like they have abandoned their own fourm due to the lack of response.. 

    Not sure if they even log on to this site and read our posts..
    Created: 30 October 2013 18:37 by Draken Ivy
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