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Whats going on with rm server?

  • Whats going on with rm server?

    i activated my 15 day free vip trial to be able to finish lvling and get through the oracle to 4x and since the christmas event started ive been able to log in and play for a little bit but it seems like it crashes every 15 to 30 minutes..ive lost progress plus vip time plus items ive traded and bought...  ive tested my internet connection and tried asking people on the server but i havent came to any conclusions. can anyone explain what going on? is it a bug in the server from the event? 
    Created: 25 December 2017 14:57 by SoulAssassin69

    From what I gather from talking to people in game, it seems to have started with the Xmas event, and it happened during Haloween as well.It is causing warping, which sucks period.

    Many people are irritated with it.

    I just recently came to the server and started a toon as well.
    It took me seven times to finish the black market quest, and that was eventually with me buying scrolls to WH.  I have lost countless levels (I think I got level 8-10 six different times) and various other items.

    The event ends on the 5th of January, thankfully.  But that is still a ways away.
    Created: 26 December 2017 03:48 by verko1176
  • crash and tw

    Every event its the same thing.. server crash and tw several times... halloween event was the same
    Created: 26 December 2017 18:06 by fritopoulos
  • Unstable For Sure

    I agree with Soulo... You are running a business, do it right. It seems like the server is on a Windows 95 Operating System and literally cannot keep up with the content and or small amount of traffic. Literally, t4c can be ran on a very old computer with hardly any upgrades. Second of all, the webshop is literally lacking the right things to make a profitable server. If this was done right, and staff were responsive, this game could live. Don't get me wrong, all of the staff members are very nice and I have a great relationship with all of them, but they seem to not have the correct amount of time to take care of things that need to be done. I mean no disrespect by any of my words, but someone has to say it, considering everyone I have spoken to thinks the same way. We need someone who will devote their time and want to make this game live, not people who have a lot of real life issues and a very busy life trying to squeeze game play into the mix.
    Created: 28 December 2017 15:22 by TheReturned
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