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  • Webshop

    Can you please add the Oak Composite +3 and Cedar Composite +3 back to the web shop. 

    There are many other features that are missing as well.  For instance:

    - Vampire Axe
    - Tidal Blade
    - Windslash
    - Tempest
    - Frost Wakizashi
    - 30 minute double exp orbs
    - Seraph Characters

    These are just some of the few things I remember off the top of my head.  If you have decided to not re-add these items to the web shop, could we please get an answer why? 

    I think the bows, 30 minute orbs, and seraph characters are very popular items in the web shop that need to be there.

    Created: 19 September 2013 01:40 by misfit8503
  • Webshop

    I Agree with the Seraph Characters and 30min exp orbs definetely.  Also lower the price of the exp orbs as $10 for 1 hour of exp is rediculous.
    Created: 22 September 2013 12:02 by digi
  • Webshop

    Yes please add the Seraph Character and 30 min exp orbs back to webshop. Also add the scroll of character transfer also. 
    Created: 23 September 2013 18:20 by Ironhands
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