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We need change at RM!

  • We need change at RM!

     I'm gonna start by saying thank you too all the current staff for all your abilities and efforts.
    Now really we need a change at RM we are years behind Neerya and really 4thi saga which hasnt even been out for near as long as RM. We still don't have any of the current new graphs on all islands just for a short example the Trees! we have no professions we have no role play system none of the new skins in use just for a start.
    As much as we've hear "Were working on something that will bring players back" ect ect it isn't enough we need action now I've been logged heavily on RM for last 6 months too a year and watched the number steadily decline from even 20-30 online regularly too less then 10 on more then often. This isnt due too current players or the server it self it due to the fact we haven't had a real update on RM since mix mages were added and failed and since 4thi. How do you expect too keep your current loyal users or attract new players doing the exact same thing you've always done. 
    I know this probley wont go anywhere or do anything as my time has been wasted I will continue to play on this server for the fact I love the game and have always played here but we do need change and if that is hiring all new Staff outside of the actually current active players on RM and actual DEVELOPERS that have the time and effort too make updates and consistently add new events and objectives for ppl.
    Once again this isn't a stab at current staff but what is happening currently isn't working so LETS MAKE IT WORK! and get ppl back on RM.
    Created: 23 November 2014 22:13 by tylerberry
  • ..

    Hello Tyler. As I've been saying to you and all the players, there is a major project in the works coming soon at Realmud. These take time and isn't a simple "flip the light-switch" type of work. A lot of changes will come and improvements for the betterment of the server. On the trees, the tree graphics currently are new, they were converted from their old graphics about a year ago now (yes there are other skins also and they will be used here and there). On professions they're coming, on role plays - I've pushed players to use the system numerous times and it has not been liked, it isn't for everybody. Now if I met a player who wishes to make use of the system and wants to try encourage other players, I will of course help them out to get the ball-rolling. The quest book system has been introduced as well and more will be added very soon, click the icon to see the start of it. New skins for items, monsters, etc are also in my project so they'll be used for better character customizations. On server staff, Orion is here now replacing Thea and is far more active and will continue to be so, as well as other staff changes. On events, we've held a few over the past few weeks/months (refer to news), the next scheduled one is in 3 days time (Thanksgiving). The GMs will also be holding more very soon, I know Shini will be holding a lot during December that he's working on.

    So have patience as a major update is in the works and it'll be soon, more on this as time progresses.
    Created: 24 November 2014 12:55 by Alastor
  • Again!

    The best thing to do is offer more then usual this game has no offering to new players no one wants to come here and start off lost and no one to help them orion and even shinigami is alright but we need built in npc possibly for name changing if possible which is probably not.
    Second why not hire some of the players who have great ideas or help out more then staff do honestly I am still xping but it seems not even worth it half the players on now buy 220+ toons with last weapon on hand. they kill and almost slaughter every person at hand that  is not with them.
    getting pretty crazy if double xp weekend comes this players will be 250 and then be over power of possibly just leave cause theres nothing else like kinda now nothing else.
    I still hope and pray that my level 200+ will get his good weapon and be able to pvp but the more toons been sold we have no chance to even xp or have any hope to be good because no matter what ts3's weapons are over power and you get hit not only by one but 2 or 3 all clases are broken only for warriors even archers they are good but can be better as imbuy bow is still doing low damages.
    The paladins are broken hit heal the weapon has a big exhaust and misses shots then the heals got nerfed and also has a exhaust as plauge and curse drop light power to nearly nothing but again the heals and rupture were nerfed.
    battle mages and water or air or fire mages are no good use with the resist is there i think resistants needs to be remove from all playes to give each person a shot to either win archers or warriors can wear capes use pots of resist and use spells for resist with tb or ts3 there is no way you will win unless you have lots i mean lots of dodge. 
    everything else can wait these classes needs to be fix or no one will come back to build a warrior or archer but yet there is lots of new players who already bought ts3 or tb toons that will kill the new players. 
    I am sorry but this seems rather already be broken and adding pretty graphics and questing stuff isn't gonna be any better back in 2012 if you had no guild or kiss someones behind you would get kill when you went to novy and eye or any bosses and then to spit on the HGM'S faces these players who hunted and camp bosses sold the items usd and quit keeping players who needed stuff to quit because they couldnt go hunt that monster.
    i seen lots of 240 or 220+ with freyias blessing and all the high event prizes how is that possible of course the higher you are the better the chances of winning this game has never been balance everything that kill the server was run through every hgm nose but they never bother smelling it  'WAKE UP'
    Created: 25 November 2014 03:38 by norway
  • heero

    Change is coming to Realmud, of this I'm sure. I also think people will come back to see them. What I'm not sure about is if those people that come back will stay for anything longer then a month. 
    I am a high level Toon not the highest but my build is done just farming wisdom now. I need nothing in the game other then experience. I'll mostly only play for double xp weekends or updates.
    The information I've been getting, the update might have items, new areas, quests, skins, spells, items/spell balancing. ill check out new areas, do the new quests(if they are worth it), learn new spells if there are any for me, test the items/spell changes,not interested in skins because the only ones I can see is robe/helm. but that's it I'm gone after that, waiting for double xp again or updates. 
    I was on today for a couple hours. noticed a couple things that suck
    there is a new npc instead of a portal in the guild house now. WTF!!! he moves around and can be hostiled against. What was wrong with the portal? why did you need to inconvenience everyone with this change?
    Tombstone was a holloween thing I'm hearing. Is it staying now? Clarification would be nice. I don't really like it but I hear its helping pvp.The effect has potention, but right now for anyone over 200 it is not worth waiting for the chance at a respawn. I can get halfway back to anywhere I was before I even get the 10% chance, why waste the time to try

    Created: 01 December 2014 03:07 by Heero2
  • True

    My characters are also in the 200s and so far I have not seen anything that i might want to do besides XP but that will get old eventually It has for any player thats 240+ some good questing atleast group questing will be great for high players to get back into action in (world or warcraft) there is dungeons to get xp in groups potential to get nice items and there is pvp zone were lots of players join to win honor points then there is questing together to drop nice items it was like this in t4c i remember going to hunt novert and the eye in groups to get a set for your guild mates now is not even been hunted lack of groups and lots of tension between players.
    I think the staff needs to be remove even with their events they don't need the staff tag or to be in game all the time plus they hardly do anything besides talk to players joke around and either stay afk or do name changes staff up to now defend their position which is okay I guess the ego needs something so its the staff tag on their name staff has never work in RealMud I think alastor can run the show alone hoping they add something to change your name staff is useless.
    I will continue building new chars from human cause i enjoy the game itself its my childhood experience i love it i just want some minor changes to be added for the players that are on and active there for a long time 
    Created: 03 December 2014 00:39 by norway
  • Under 5 online all week

    Enough said in the title this Saturday 0 online ... 
    Created: 07 December 2014 00:49 by tylerberry
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