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WTB 4x Battlemage

  • WTB 4x Battlemage

    Hello, Looking to buy a 4x Battle Mage (Good or Evil). I will purchase the best all around deal. Please link information on Items, Spells, Powers, Stats . Send info to
    Created: 29 April 2019 09:41 by Corpsemourn
  • 4x Battlemage Offer

    Greetings, i got a Battlemage if youre interested 4x Evil/Skybreaker/Full Divine Azure/Mantle of Elements/Shield of the Gods/Chipped Azure Ring/Ring of the Battlemage/Evil Force Amulet/Bracer of Leaves/All Oracle Keys and more

    Level: 171 (XP: 23359751186) Strength: 347 Health: 2633 Endurance: 180 Mana: 1663 Agility: 43 Karma: -319 Wisdom: 240 Remorts: 4 Intelligence: 240 (20)

    Created: 30 April 2019 05:59 by zortias
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