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Vip difference

  • Vip difference

    Hello all. I am still very new to this game, but so far I am having so much fun (Something I find surprising for a 15 years old game haha). I was wondering, where can I find clear difference between free/vip members? I saw there's a shop on the website which you can buy things with gold but I am not quite sure it's worth it... Anyhow if there's any place that clearly state the difference between free and vip that would be great (Maybe like a chart or something)
    Created: 16 September 2015 00:43 by RemoSegrop
  • Welcome to Realmud!

    Free players can access almost everything Realmud has to offer other than the VIP items.

    VIP items on Realmud include:
    VIP Islands (Much faster XP)
    +3 Dealers (These NPCs will only speak to you if you are VIP)
    Miracle Stone (This is an item that gives special boosts to VIP players when activated by an HGM)
    Auction House (You can access the Auction House for free if you are in a guild with a guild house, otherwise, you must be a VIP player)

    There are no limitations to basic game content for free players, meaning you do not have to be VIP to enjoy the game. You can still seraph, access the 4th island, and anything else within the game with the exception of those items listed above. 

    There may be some new VIP incentives in the near future, but what exactly? My lips are sealed. ;)
    Created: 17 September 2015 04:53 by Shinigami
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