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Vip and Shop prices; Marc / Mouse answer.

  • Vip and Shop prices; Marc / Mouse answer.

    Hello all, this is a post directed toward Marc / Mouse. Since the grand opening of this new merge, i, like many other players from the RM server, have the same question, still unanswered, regarding the unjustified increase is, not only VIP Prices, which is a feature that only matters RM, since the other servers are pretty much dead, but also the SHOP items.
    Now, i understand the need of revenue but this is just unacceptable. We went from a 36$/year to 100$/year at first, which then lowered to the current 85$. Can you explain why this huge leap? Also, why the change on gold for SHOP items, and gold for VIP? You cash-in twice with this sistem, whereas before, there was only one currency.
    We have lost the Off-line mule option and we got a huge increase in the prices, why don`t you revert it back to how they were before?
    This is a 13 years old game, with no new content added to any server, Neerya aside, the player base is limited and there`s a very little change of it to increase.
    The merge should have lowered the costs, not tripple them.

    Waiting an answer from you Marc / Mouse.
    Created: 19 January 2014 13:43 by Amaterasu
  • ...

    Hey how bout any kind of update, maybe make armors so they all dont look alike? Silver for everything? And the skin for Fallen Elven is just sad. 1.62 versions were more advanced.
    Replied: 26 January 2014 09:59 by Uradrix
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