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Vip 100$ a year???

  • Vip 100$ a year???

    So what happens if we player only want access to Realmud vip, passing from 45$ to 100$ per year is kinda harsh, considering most player only play on 1 server, just saying ;) Earth Gnome love you all ;)
    Created: 15 August 2013 05:19 by adam
  • ...

    $45.00  what are you talking about.  Its always been 22000 Gold which is about $36.00.
    Ya whats with the inflation?
    Replied: 15 August 2013 07:58 by Smetty
  • VIP100$ A YEAR???

    Expensive =(
    Created: 15 August 2013 15:46 by leojoan1
  • ..

    I really hope they set back the prices to each server. I really think they will kill the game once and for all with these kind of price. Soon FF14 will go live, and i fear many will jump there, since the price / month is lower!
    Gnome noob
    Created: 15 August 2013 17:37 by Crystalx
  • Concur with Crystalx

    FF14 is already is beta and its awesome and the prices and lower.. and no server crashes i might add.. 
    Created: 21 August 2013 16:55 by bloodycupcake

    Hey all. For information on VIP prices you'll need Marc and/or Mouse to supply information for the rise. As us HGMs do not set the prices for VIP anymore because they affect all servers, so Dialsoft officially will determine costing of VIP packages from now on. I believe it was raised as it is for all servers now and not just an individual server.
    Created: 24 August 2013 10:18 by Alastor
  • ..

    You guys know really well that there is no point in making vip avaible for all servers, when they are all 1) empty 2) We spent years on RM, for example, to create nice toons, do you think we will move to other servers to start all over? 3) What about people with 2+ accounts? Do you think they`ll pay 200+ dollars for such an old game? I could buy an used ps3/x360 for those money 4) Do you really want to lose that little playerbase you have left?

    You guys have to think carefully, without us, there is nothing left for you.
    Created: 24 August 2013 10:26 by Amaterasu
  • Heero

    just want to know why VIP has not been lowered yet. Realmud is the only server of the 5 remaining that I have a use for vip, yet price was raised because it includes all 5 now. please fix this soon my vip is coming up soon and 200$( I have 2 accounts) for vip is just not worth it. I don't want to pay for servers that I don't play on.
    Created: 28 October 2013 21:16 by Heero
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