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Video lag - help

  • Video lag - help

    Guys, I have a Dell XPS 1330 a bit old, but the config should be enough to the game.Its a core 2 duo t7250 @ 2ghz 3gb ram and nvidia geforce 8400m GS. 
    Since I updated to windows 10 I've been having video lag sometimes... when in a big group or while Im leveling with several monsters.
    THe windows 10 is running fine in my laptop and all of the other softwares are running perfectly. 
    Does anyone knows any tips to fix this annoying problem?
    Appreciate ur time :D
    Logan (Realmud)
    Created: 01 October 2015 09:16 by epolimeni
  • heya

    no one here to help me out?
    Created: 07 October 2015 14:54 by epolimeni
  • HEYO!

    disable your video card, this will free up a lot of memory. I do it all of the time! Good results.
    Created: 13 November 2015 18:45 by Smetty
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