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Video Lag on Windows 10

  • Video Lag on Windows 10

    After changing my laptop, to a much better one Ultrabook hp i7vrpo 8gmb 256gb ssd I've been facing video lag... I tried several compability mode and also low cpu, however lag still annoying me... can someone give me some tips?
    Created: 02 July 2016 04:22 by epolimeni
  • Virtual Box

    I installed virtual box with Windows 7.   No lag at all.. eg when you are switching items etc. (control I)  You can't play the game in full screen mode on windows 10 either.  
    Created: 06 July 2016 00:18 by Smetty
  • Good idea, but

    This is a good idea, but I do not have admin rights  on this computer, So i cannot install vbox.. 
    I think I will try to run portable windows 7, it might work. I will let you know with news
    Created: 09 July 2016 07:46 by epolimeni
  • Audio disabled

    Hi, try to disable audio: I'm running the client on a Win 10 very old (2007) laptop with no lag at all.

    In order to disable audio: control panel -> audio -> right click on speakers and/or other items -> disable.
    To reenable audio, just click on the volume icon in the taskbar.

    You successfully disable audio ONLY if, upon starting, the t4c client shows a dialog saying "Music is no longer supported on Win NT4. Click OK to play without music or CANCEL to abort."

    Hope this helps, regards
    Created: 01 October 2016 09:52 by Mysticus
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