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VIP not working

  • VIP not working

    I purchaced VIP and its not letting me into any VIP sections, the one NPC keeps telling me to go to the website and buy VIP when i already have.
    Created: 08 September 2013 16:38 by Krypton
  • Dunno

    I dunno,  this is all different now.  Before you would buy T4C gold and then buy the vip key with your t4c gold and select your main toon to receive the vip key.  Then you would wait 24hours for the key to populate onto your other toons..  Everything is so different now.

    Email alastor. hes ususally good with this.
    Created: 09 September 2013 16:15 by Smetty
  • Sorted

    He's was sorted on Sunday :).
    Created: 10 September 2013 10:48 by Alastor
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