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VIP arrea

  • VIP arrea

    Up to wich Level can i go to the Vip arreas AR, RD, SH AL, and up to wich Level can i Play there, i dont found informations.
    Created: 02 August 2014 09:20 by JackBlack
  • Not amused

     Irony on"thanks for help"irony offknow i now that i cant go back to the vip arrea SH with Level 121. know i cant find all the rest items that the evil commander Drops.*irony on" i wish you a nice sunday and have irony offgrmmlblmmrlll
    Created: 03 August 2014 02:54 by JackBlack
  • Ranges

    AR 1- 26
    RD 26 - 65
    SH 65 - 121
    AL 122 - 185
    +185  - 185

    You can enter all vips except if your lvl is Higher than the Max level you cant go in.  eg LVL 100 can go into AL VIP... but you would get quick xp if you stay in SH vip!
    Created: 05 August 2014 09:39 by Smetty
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