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VIP Questions

  • VIP Questions

    Forgive my ignorance, but I was unable to locate some info on my own. What are the perks for being a VIP as opposed to a free player?Also, what is this VIP Hangover, and what purpose does it serve? Thanks Very Much! 
    Created: 25 September 2014 17:45 by Tygg
  • RM VIP

    Hello Tygg. From being a VIP member you obtain the following:
    1. VIP Islands (greater XP).
    2. Miracle Stone (occasional spell ups).
    3. NPC +3 Weapons (greater damage).
    4. Store Items (VIP Exclusives).
    5. Use of Companions (pets).
    6. Auction House (buy/sell items).

    On the hangover, for every 2 hours spent inside a VIP island you have to cool-down for an hour, it allows you to have time outside of VIP so you can experience other aspects of the game, questing for example. VIPs weren't always open 24/7 as they are now, so when they were made accessible at any time of the day, a hangover was introduced.

    I hope these help :).
    Created: 28 September 2014 21:30 by Alastor
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