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VIP Leveling

  • VIP Leveling

    So, my question is, what kind of mage is the best for killing doers and exp. My personal experience thus far below:
    Fire Mage - Decent job with FireStorm, low level aoe spell at 27, primarily strong against skeletons.Water Mage - Slow leveling, not that strong, and slow aoe spell, also no aoe spell until level 65Earth Mage - Nice, but no aoe spell until 47.Air Mage - Haven't triedDark Mage - Haven't triedLight Mage - Haven't tried
    Overall, I feel like Fire is the best to progress from low level, haven't tried any of these past SH VIP, so not sure of end game spells for all classes. Has anyone dabbled in testing any of these in AL VIP and higher?  I'm going 4x soon, need to know, it is a toss up between Earth, Water or Fire.
    Any input is greatly appreciated.
    Thank You
    Created: 28 August 2017 11:38 by iwnance
  • Earth Mage

    It depends,  you are correct that certain mages xp/lvl quicker than others.   If you want to gain quick xp.  I would go either earth mage / or light.   Granite Rain seems to be a really good spell.  

    I have tried them all except Water.  It's all about spawning and having a spawner that will make quick xp.  No spawner... little xp.

    But believe the mages are pretty quick.  I'm working on another DarkMage 400end..(no fire spells) lots of grinding but when you get your first aoe spell it goes really quick.  went from 183 to 191 in two days.
    mind you that is xping all day... (priests is wheres its at)  xp dust/books really help.  But you need that spawner!!!

    Check out my youtube channel for vids of this and that..

    Created: 28 August 2017 23:17 by Smetty
  • KB and stuff

    Created: 28 August 2017 23:19 by Smetty
  • Water Mage

    Should I try out this water class to give feedback or stay far far away? lol
    Created: 29 August 2017 09:08 by iwnance
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