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Update first impressions

  • Update first impressions

    Hello staff, it's really nice to see how hard you are working to bring new stuff to t4c

    I'll tell you my first impressions, mainly about new skill

    Critical Strike: Why we need new skill to do what AP is supossed to do ? Its better to change it to work better and do not waster skill pts. Primal Scream: Nice update to warrior's xp. Immobilization: Why new skill to do what entangle supossed to do ? Entangle have too low stats to you justificate create a new skill to not waster pts in wis/int. If i will spend 100 pts to learn this new skill ? Its need to be a way better than entangle and Im afraid it will unbalance archer and warriors pvp. Power Conjuring: Really good idea, mages need it. Resurrect: Nice too, but its better to be a new spell exclusive to Light Mages. Plunder: Will bring thiefs back to game, i like it.

    Im really curious about "new xp curve". Plz dont tell me it will simple raise vip's xp. I do not like how this development of hp and mp works. It's one of the bases of the game, if you want a lot of hp you will have to suffer a little at the beginning.

    I wish good luck in new changes. Want to see a crowed server again!
    Created: 28 January 2019 08:07 by alexzaidan
  • first impressions

    critical strike is pretty massive, all buffs have a chance of stacking. so if you get a Crit/PB/AP thats gonna be pretty big damage.
    primal scream looks interesting for dual room pulling in vip. Outside of that I dont see it worth stacking it to 100.
    Immobilization looks powerful for archer but a waste of points for warriors. people with still learn entangle for the reduced dodge. 
    Resurrect depends on whats the 100 scaling will do. Will training it to 100a. increase the chance of a resurrectionb. increase the amount of health a player has when brought back.if (a) its a dead spell never to be learn, if b its 100% worth to put 1 point in
    Power conjuring is 100% worth
    Plunder gonna wait and see
    Hp, mp and Xp change is good for the game overall
    New level cap is weird why not 300 
    Really concerned about the new armors, items and spells. Toons that are 220+ optimized for their builds needing levels and to get new gear, spells and skills.

    All in all it looks really interesting.

    Created: 28 January 2019 21:42 by Heero
  • NPCs for new skills

    Hmm anyone found out where we can learn those new skills ?
    Created: 30 January 2019 06:21 by westwind
  • rerol ?

    Will be available any kind of rerol ? We will need at least free skill pts to learn new skills and spells. It's not fair with high lv players
    Created: 31 January 2019 08:52 by tarh
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