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Update 09/22/2014

  • Update 09/22/2014

    Hey guys, you'll notice a few changes to maps today when you log-in and patch.

    -The cities of LH, WH, SSK and SC were updated a bit (more so in LH). Trees were removed to thin them out a bit.

    -Trees thinned west of RD RST so the path/road to Zhakar's mountain range is now viewable.

    -Trees thinned elsewhere such as AR Druids, AR south bridge and some other places, If you feel other areas could do with thinning then please email me.

    -Added Stonehenges to some of SH Nexus Index's.

    -Added dead dragon skin to Platinum Dragon cave for effect.

    -Updated Vargus temple walls.

    -Fixed black squares at Sir Mordenthal's castle.

    -Some guild houses now have better decor if they were lacking.

    -Created a guild island, it'll be the primary prize for guild PVP events - coming soon.

    -Also on guilds, anyone may use the portal master now by purchasing a GUILD Portal Token from the merchant within the guild houses. These tokens have enc so theyr'e not designed to stack up on lots.

    -I've fixed an issue reported to me with teleporting to Synndor from the wizard.

    -I've given a name to the foot dropper.

    -I've also fixed a bug on cousin undyedalot on undying capes.

    -You'll also notice the Olin Haad Guards have an updated look also.
    Created: 22 September 2014 15:07 by Alastor
  • ThankS

    Keep up the good work thanks 
    "Trees were removed to thin them out a bit."  like this alot trees have needed to be thined out everywhere they are over powered lol 
    Created: 23 September 2014 21:19 by fubar
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