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Unlisted Quests for Elysium (Server: 4th Saga)

  • Unlisted Quests for Elysium (Server: 4th Saga)

    Unlisted Quests for Elysium (Server: 4th Saga)Stumpwater Jack wants an adventurer to go into the mountain and collect itemsBegins with gathering booty for pirate on ship NW coast [cross bridge SW Elysium Fields, gather the Goblin Bloods, then cross bridge at NW and gather scorpion stingers and Dragon Scales.  Pirate is on the beach at NW of this area]  (10 Black Blood of the Goblin, 10 Scorpion Stingers, 10 Dragon Scales and 40,000 Gold...drop any extras other than gold.  The pirate will take all of your blood, stingers and scales.  He cleans out one item at a time, so just keep telling him you have items until he has all he asked for)Travel with the pirate then talk to Gate Guard to get mission to gather 25 pages of the Book of Pedagree dropped by Drivel Thieves, talk to Town Gate Guard after you have the pages to enter town.  (Talk to Gate Guard in town to exit to Elysium or Stone Crest)Talk to Stumpwater Jack in the tavern and accept the quest.  He gives you a list of items from the Dwarven Dungeon that he wants.  Go to the well just around the corner from Jack and jump in the Magic Well to enter the Dungeon.  There is a chest in building next to Jack that requires his key.  There is a local temple with healing, storage chest and guild chest just north of the well.
    I haven't gathered Jack's shopping list yet, so not sure what follows when the shopping list is completed.
    Recommend high level and high armor class to enter the Dungeon ... the rats are murder :)
    Also; near the Pirate on the NW coast, just to his SW is a building.  Enter the building, talk to the NPC and he requests a Starlite.  Haven't found one yet, so not sure if this one is completable.
    Created: 21 October 2018 02:58 by fritzr
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