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Unable to log into server

  • Unable to log into server

    Tried to log in today. Unable to log in. I have 3 accounts with about 5 years worth of items on each account. None of the accounts are working. I had to create a new account just to make a post for help on the forum. Its been a bit since I logged in. I used to be a vip member on all 3 accounts previously. Please advise. Thanks,
    Created: 11 January 2014 13:07 by Eminent
  • Unable to log into server

    Appears I was trying to log into 1.72. Downloading an updated installer now. I was still not able to log into the website though with my previous credentials.
    Created: 11 January 2014 13:18 by Eminent
  • Unable to log into server

    Updated my client and tried to log in. I am receiving the error "No such user or user disabled." I received the error on all 3 of my accounts.
    Created: 11 January 2014 13:24 by Eminent
  • migrated?

    Hey Eminent, have you migrated characters from old rm accounts to your new account? Email me at as you'll get a much quicker response time.
    Created: 11 January 2014 14:43 by Alastor
  • Can't log in.

    Takes over 10 attempts to log in. Says my account is already logged in. Then it says cannot reach server etc etc. Repeatedly.
    Created: 26 January 2014 12:26 by MisterSteve
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