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Transfering Characters

  • Transfering Characters

    Is there a possible way to transfer my characters from 4thsaga to realmud? I have alot of play time and or items that could be really usefull to me on realmud. Please, if there is anyway this could happen, it would be much appreciated.
    Created: 27 June 2017 11:37 by iwnance

    Hello iwnance.

    Unfortunately there is no way of transfering characters from one server to another.
    Created: 27 June 2017 15:18 by Felix
  • felix!!

    sup my boy aaron? long time no talk, and yes they should make it to where a x5 lvl 100+ can get a free x4 on rm. since saga is dead. but players dont have to start over from scratch
    Created: 30 June 2017 03:01 by keaarori
  • You...

    Hello keaarori, what names do I know you by? :P
    Created: 30 June 2017 17:14 by Felix
  • ...

    drunk lore, realmud lottery creator 
    Created: 01 July 2017 21:24 by keaarori
  • Welcome back

    Ah! I heard you were back around... staying out of trouble I hope ;)

    Welcome back - it's great seeing players returning.

    I'll possibly see you in-game sometime!
    Created: 02 July 2017 15:55 by Felix
  • hmm

    Drunk Lore!?!? Oh my that brings back the past!! I am BloodVoT!!!
    Created: 03 July 2017 13:13 by iwnance
  • ..

    well i cant seem to find my main toon, not really wanting to start from scratch. in the mean time im playing gta 5, rust, pubg on steam, until someone posts toon/acct for sale.
    Created: 04 July 2017 22:22 by keaarori
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