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Transfer account Realmud a New Web

  • Transfer account Realmud a New Web

    Hi, I have a problem I installed the new game, the new version and can not find my char, I find the mule offline access, and I have no access to vip ... I paid the vip 1 month ago ... as I can do to recover my accounts. thanks

    Alastor help me
    Created: 04 September 2013 17:59 by chupette
  • Accounts

    Hey there Chupette. Are you saying you haven't migrated characters over yet? Now that you've made a account, you select REALMUD under the active server shields to the right. Then click GAME GUIDE, SYSTEM, MIGRATION WIZARD and then another log-in box will appear, now you enter your OLD Realmud account details and then you will see your characters in listed format, just simply transfer them to your new account and you're set to go :). If you still have problems following the above, please email me at

    Hope you get it sorted swiftly :).
    Created: 05 September 2013 16:02 by Alastor
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