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Titan Blade! 228 Vs 190 loser is the 228

  • Titan Blade! 228 Vs 190 loser is the 228

    Please FIX Titan Blade.   My 228 titan blade with  Major, Plague, Curse, Bless,  TS, Titan Blade can not defeat anyone any more!  There is seriously something wrong!  

    Im starting to see why people complain about this game...
    Why bother..... 

    Created: 08 April 2014 21:59 by Smetty

    I dont pvp much but seriously,  Ray Charles should be able to pvp with my toon and kill everything in his path.   It's not like before even when I was even 218 and had tb.major. 

    For one.  Healing Wave and Restoration is way over powered.

    Am I a sore loser?  Im complaining a bit because tb is nerfed and healing is over powered.  Seems when some complains something is done about it.  Just like Devils Anger and GR spell.

    This is the reason why I don't pvp.  My toon is a joke now,  a laughing stock actually. 
    -Yours Faithfullly

    Created: 09 April 2014 10:12 by Smetty
  • ...

    Are you saying TB got nerfed again? What a shame, i thought that huge nerf that happened a while back made it nerfed enough... I guess it's TS or nothing nowaday ;) Earth Gnomey ;)
    Created: 15 April 2014 06:32 by Earth Gnome
  • Heero

    light mages are strong. That's why I made one, my restoration heals for 900 and healing wave 1850 I laugh at all damage but TS. I can 1v1 any dps class but warior with TS. 1v2 mages but if fever is applied I get rocked against anything 1v2. 
    TB should have never been changed I agree. I also think that my light mage should be able to out heal everything 1v1. 
    Created: 16 April 2014 20:59 by Heero
  • Hi Gnomey and Heroclys

    Hey, thanks for posting.  I agree with Hero, but Im a lvl 228 warrior and should kill you 1on1 if you were 228 or 225 even it wouldnt upset me so much.

    See you in game guys.  Gnomey get a new pc and come back.
    Created: 21 April 2014 13:22 by Smetty
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