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The Battle for Windhowl (Guild PVP Event)

  • The Battle for Windhowl (Guild PVP Event)

    So guys I want to try and organise a Guild PVP Event/Battle. There are some great pvp players on this server and it would be fun to get everyone engaged in some kind of group battle.Location:
    Windhowl is one of the forgotten places on the server which could be a great location to stage something like this. It's surrounded by walls, has houses to hide in etc. Sanctuary can be set at the temple, while teleport scrolls place you at windhowl gates.I'm going to create a channel in game called "Guild War" if anybody else is interested in this feel free to join and we can share some ideas. I realise server population is kinda low at the moment but thats all the more reason to try organise something fun to draw people back online. :)ThanksGenghis Kahn
    Created: 22 December 2016 09:49 by Smuggler4eva
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