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T4C.exe has stopped working

  • T4C.exe has stopped working

    Apparently I got this virus or something the other day and used my software to quarantine/delete it. It showed that the file quartined was the t4c folder itself. So after it went through it had deleted the t4c file. So I had to reinstall t4c to get it back on my computer but then it crashes everytime I load it. I tried doing restore points and everything I could think of but still keeps crashing. Anyone have any suggestions regarding this problem?
    Created: 19 October 2013 02:23 by FFGamer
  • Resolved?

    I know we discussed this in game a bit the other day, did you manage to resolve it? if not email me at alastor@t4c.comand we'll try something else.
    Created: 25 October 2013 07:21 by Alastor
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