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Staff doesn't answer to emails

  • Staff doesn't answer to emails

    Hi , I'd like to let all players know that the staff didn't answer in the last month to any of my emails. 
    I just wanted to know if the best way to contact you is by forum. 
    Oh...can you post also all the gms email please?
    Created: 04 August 2014 07:55 by slesh
  • Staff doesn't answer to emails

    I am not sure what email has not been returned, but is easiest way to contact server staff. And all things are logged and reviewed.
    Created: 04 August 2014 10:01 by mouse
  • Staff doesn't answer to emails

    And I just reviewed my inbox, I have 1 message from you, that is from 2 days ago and I sent it  to wolverine to get his input on the request.  Hence why I have not respond to you directly.
    Created: 04 August 2014 10:08 by mouse
  • ok

    thanks for answering. you can now  delete this post if you want to 
    Created: 04 August 2014 12:12 by slesh
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