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Staff and to do's

  • Staff and to do's

    So, HGM you said you be looking for new Dev in another thread?  Consider some of this before bringing a new person on board.

    I talked to a few in game and came to some simple solutions others like myself don't log much anymore.

    1.  I don't even care about experience and levels anymore.  We as players beat this topic to death and settled that this is about as good as it gets.  Given that thought from others, what else is there?  Get an event staff member(s).  Someone who will log on at some kind of regular basis and run some kind of event.  Anything from Finding hidden objects, Finding a Gm, Portal mazes and dare I say, the occasional raid.  Maybe do some kind of weekly/monthly GM Item/Item of choice quest again.

    2.  Straighten our your webshop and accounts from past domain.  Do you and the staff above you realize just how many people really feel ripped off because thier ws gold did not follow them to this updated site?  Take care of your paying customers is all I'm saying, Good business practice keeps good retention ratios.

    3.  Stop deleting all negative posts.  Nothing wrong with a little constructive criticism.

    Created: 06 September 2013 16:51 by wasted
  • RE: Staff and to do's

    I agree 100% with you Wasted.

    I think a lot of the player's criticizing the Saga Staff is because we do not see much GM activity and we are not kept informed about content being worked on.

    Like Wasted suggested, I think small events is what players are asking for.  Pop in from time to time and run some small events, such as a "GM Find me Event".  Hide somewhere on 1 of the 5 islands, and have a choice of rewards for the winners to choose from.   You could do an Arakas find me event for the low level players, and then immediately after, you could run a find me event on 1 of the 4 other islands for the remaining players.  Players who participate in the Arakas find me event, cannot participate in higher islands events. 

    I ran a cool event as a GM on Trilogy.  With the permission of HGM, you can turn on drops from EVENT ONLY.  "Announce to players" that you are at the top floor of Mad's House.  First player to get to the top of Mad's House and find the GM wins a GM item of choice.  GM can decide which GM items are off limits.  This is a very fun event because it gives the players a choice, do they want to camp the various floors of Mad's House and kill other players, or do they want to go for the BIG PRIZE at the top?  The players on Trilogy thought this event was a blast!  It gives people a chance to strengthen or weaken ties against rival or ally guilds. 

    When it comes to content updates or server fixes, I think the general consensus on the server is that 4i and Iceland mobs really need to be fixed.  The mobs are too strong, and players are forced to go 300end if the want to reach top level.  There should be areas where 100, 125, 180 end players can exp as well.  300end players should get the best exp spots, but lower Endurance players should also be able to get to level 180 range.  The way it's setup now, players are forced into a 300 end build...So basically all the other armor sets are useless, and it doesn't allow any experimentation when creating your characters. 

    Anyways, these are just my thoughts, and I share some of the same frustration as the other players.  I think the focus should be put on fixing 4i and Iceland before working on anything else.  I think players would be content if they were given updates on how things are progressing with these fixes.

    Created: 06 September 2013 18:15 by misfit8503
  • Re

    Thanks for all your input and I have taken note. I do always like to hear from you guys, and hope to see you all online soon! I have been holding several events, and as a reward several players have received Interaction Points.. you must not have been online when I held them.
    I am working with the HGM at the moment to get a lot of the updates / bugs figured out. We will keep you informed.
    Please don't be shy.. I love to hear your input/comments.. 
    Saga GM
    Created: 09 September 2013 17:56 by saga04
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