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Special Thanks from Realmud

  • Special Thanks from Realmud

    Hey all. As a thank you for your continued patience and understanding through the major changes and waiting on the completion of new systems, I'd like to present you, the players, with 2 special gifts.

    1. A discount code for the store that will be running for a week (7 days), ending Tuesday 17th September. So please be sure to use it when making store purchases, if you forget to use it I cannot undo what's done... so remember to use it! The coupon is: REALMUD01 (the 0 is a ZERO).

    2. Double XP Weekend from Friday  - Monday. I will have this turned on sometime Friday and it will go off any time on Monday 16th September.

    I hope you enjoy the above! See you in-game.
    Created: 10 September 2013 15:05 by Alastor
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    wooot thanks alastor and the entire staff for working so hard!!
    Created: 10 September 2013 15:51 by Crystalx
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    You're Welcome Alastor ;)

    Thank you for all the hard work you and the staff have been doing. Great Job :)

    - Gotanx
    Replied: 11 September 2013 23:10 by Justin LS
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